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The Importance of Going ALL IN with Involvement

College is believed to be the best four (or more) years of your life, and during those years you truly learn who you are as an individual. Through the people you meet, the opportunities you experience and the life lessons you learn, college creates skills and memories that last a lifetime. What contributes to making college the best four years of your life, though? Diving all in with your involvement. (Photo, right: courtesy of Avery Evans).

“Involvement allows students to find their niche and get plugged in with a group of people they might have never met through their high school friends or sorority/fraternity. You form friendships from all corners of the Auburn community and begin to build your network at an earlier stage than most people do” said student Daniel Bandy.

Involvement is key to College Success

Auburn is a large University, and successful new students develop strategies to make it more manageable. What you get out of college is directly correlated to what you put into your experiences. Joining student-run organizations, volunteering and on-campus internships and jobs are examples of the hundreds of ways to get involved at Auburn.

Lessons of Involvement

As many say, campus involvement is a “resume builder.”  Although true, those who get involved receive much more than a resume boost, they develop life-long memories. Being involved is a character builder, a responsibility tester and more importantly, a life-lesson instructor. Involvement with on-campus organizations, extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities presents life lessons a class can not teach. Involvement allows you to experience relevant, “real world” situations that you can utilize after your college career.

 “Being involved has taught me the power of working together. I have personally been a part of an organization that has made the impossible possible, just by always being there for each other and never giving up” said student Avery Evans. “If you are planning a big event, there will almost always be bumps in the road, and that’s ok! That is when you need to lean on others for support.” (Photo, right: courtesy of Avery Evans).

An opportunity like no other: AUDM


One organization on Auburn’s campus, Auburn University Dance Marathon (AUDM), is a student-run organization striving to make a difference in the community. On February 11, 2017, AUDM hosted its sixth event and raised $541,832.06 for the kids of our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, bringing the grand fundraising total to $1,571,809. AUDM inspires students to join together in something bigger than themselves to make miracles happen for the kids.

“Many organizations give to amazing causes like feeding the homeless or getting water in urban areas but AUDM is an organization that helps the children of our local community by providing funds for our hospital. Not only that but AUDM is a part of a much larger network of Dance Marathons that make up the entire Miracle Network Dance Marathon. This allows unique opportunities to connect with students from other campuses about an organization we are all passionate about, network with students about new ideas or ways that we can solve problems, all with the end goal of helping kids in our local community. The fact that the amazing impact we have on our community is a stepping stone for what Miracle Network Dance Marathon is accomplishing overall makes our cause that much more special,” said Devin Carter, Auburn student and AUDM’s Director of Dancer Relations. (Photo, left: courtesy of Devin Carter).

“Find that smaller family within your Auburn Family!”

If standing for 14 hours with AUDM is not your thing, there are many other opportunities at Auburn that may be of interest to new students. Auburn currently has 473 student-run organizations and over 500 different ways to get involved. The best part, getting involved is simple, just look at AUinvolve.

AUinvolve is Auburn’s online organization database where students can find 530 ways to get involved. A majority of Auburn’s student-run organizations put their applications on AUinvolve which makes joining these organizations very simple. Students can search organizations alphabetically or by category to help locate their desired interests. Organization categories include academic, philanthropic, sports, religious, greek and honors, making it easy for students to find desired opportunities. Getting involved is even easier because AUinvolve provides a description of each organization with the primary contact information for that organization.

“Find your passion. Think about what you’re passionate about for a minute. I guarantee there is an organization on campus that is directly related to your passion. Don’t wait for someone to seek you about it. If you’re passionate about it, go for it! You won’t regret it” said Bandy.

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