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Lauren Haines, a senior in public relations, is currently interning with the Auburn Athletics Department.  Haines is originally from Dallas, TX, but she knew she wanted to go to school far away and Auburn University was her first pick.

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As a part of the public relations curriculum, students are required to complete an internship before graduation. The purpose of this internship is to provide students with real-world experience outside of the classroom, as well as allow them to network in an area where they might hope to find a job after graduation. Students are often encouraged to intern in the city or field in which they hope to find a job in upon graduation; however, many students choose to intern at their beloved school because of convenience and the networking opportunity it provides.

“My roommate actually heard about this internship from the monthly email that Ric Smith sends out to all of the public relations majors,” said Haines. This email contains possible internship information that has been collected from previous students’ internships. When Haines saw the chance to intern with the athletics department, she knew this was an opportunity she could not pass up.  Haines grew up playing and watching sports, and this was a field of public relations that she was highly interested in possibly working in.

Haines has several responsibilities as a part of her internship. “As a part of my internship, I have to work every home football game, as well as work 10 office hours each week. These are just the basics of my job, but I am also responsible for several other things like updating social media for Auburn Athletics,” said Haines. She has had to learn to manage these duties along with all of her strenuous course work. This challenge has taught her many valuable lessons, including how to be proactive about the tasks she needs to accomplish.

The problem many students face with interning or working during the school semester is that they do not have the necessary time management skills to stay on top of work and school. “I make a list of everything I have to do for school and a list for everything I have to do for work. This way I can see everything laid out and I can know what I need to do immediately and what I can put more time into,” said Haines. She highly recommends that students learn how to effectively plan their weeks out, even if they are only dealing with school. This simple task can help students to develop their time management skills, which will always be useful in the real world.

Throughout a student’s four years at Auburn, they will be faced with several different conflicting schedules or assignments. In order to be prepared to face all of the stress that comes with most seniors’ strenuous coursework, students should begin to practice their time management skills early on. Procrastination is also something that the majority of college students face; however, this is something that can easily be corrected by having a simple to-do list or even keeping a modest calendar. “The importance of good time-management skills cannot be stressed enough, especially when you get close to graduating and looking at careers in the real world,” emphasized Haines.

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