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The Life and Art of Agnes Taugner :: Memorial Remembrance on June 15th

A memorial remembrance service was held in Auburn on June 15, 2013 for a beloved art professor, Agnes Taugner.

Taugner was an accomplished artist and professor of art at Auburn University until her retirement in 1993. She died in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 23, 2012.

At the memorial service, the art on display was lent by her friends and family and includes painting, mixed media, drawing and fabric art, and soft sculpture.  The slideshow below represents her work.

While she was at Auburn, Agnes Taugner was the heart of a group of artists and art students who gathered at her home on a weekly basis. She was an inspiration, a mentor and a friend.

Agnes Taugner's artwork on display at the June 15, 2013 memorial service for friends and family. "The Life and Art of Agnes Taugner".  See the event on Facebook

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