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Admissions season is in full swing for high school seniors striving to attend the college of their dreams, and for some Auburn University is on the top of their list. A big part of the selection process for these seniors is to visit college campuses and take a tour led by that colleges recruiting office.

For Auburn, tours are led by members of an organization on campus called the Student Recruiters made up of 65 volunteer students. They are often the first Auburn men and women these prospective students will encounter so they strive to make a lasting impression.

So what makes this highly thought of organization so special that hundreds of Auburn students apply each spring in hopes of joining?

Jake McFarland, Vice President of Outreach, was interviewed about the ins and outs of Student Recruiters and why it is special to him.

What exactly are the duties of a Student Recruiter?

  • “Student Recruiters are often the first contact prospective students have with the university. So for many, they are the face of Auburn. Our job is to introduce high school students to the university by showing them around campus and hopefully conveying the spirit of Auburn to everyone who comes on a tour. We offer three tours every weekday at 8:30, 10:30 and 2:30, which are all given by Student Recruiters. In addition to that, Student Recruiters are asked to help out with Auburn’s specialty recruitment days, such as War Eagle Day, Talons Day and Scholarship Receptions that take place around the state.”

What is your job as the Vice President of Outreach?

  • “I am in charge of Scholars Receptions, Saturday tours and ordering our uniforms.”

In your opinion, what makes the Student Recruiter organization stand out from other organizations on campus?

  • “One of the main things that make Student Recruiters stand out from different organizations on campus is that there is not another organization that will repeatedly make you fall in love with Auburn the way that being a Student Recruiter does. Having the opportunity to show prospective students what makes this place so great is incredible. It is overwhelmingly exciting when a student on your tour “gets it” and sees why our university is so special.”

Explain your favorite part of being involved in this organization?

  • “My favorite thing about being a Student Recruiter is that I get the opportunity to make an impact on where someone will chose to attend college. Knowing that my passion about this university made someone else so excited about it that they chose to come here for the next four years of their life is incredibly rewarding.”

Explain the process of becoming a Student Recruiter.

  • “To become a Student Recruiter, one must turn in an application, which will be available at the beginning of the spring semester. All students who turn in an application will have a first round interview, and then those selected will be asked to come back for a second round interview the following week. The new Student Recruiters are then chosen from the pool of applicants narrowed down from first and second round interviews.”

Does the organization look for a certain kind of person?

  • “The only requirement is that you are passionate about Auburn and can share your love for it with prospective students. So even if you are not the loudest or funniest or most outgoing, you should still apply if you’re interested. There is not a typical Student Recruiter and we are looking for all kinds of people who want to share their love for Auburn.”

  If you want to learn information about the Student Recruiter organization visit their homepage.

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