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The Loveliest Village—what is being done to make campus safety lovelier?

Auburn, being a small town makes it easy for students, faculty and locals to feel safe and comfortable here. It’s the loveliest village right?

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There have been safety issues on campus that are not so lovely. There have been several instances of students being hit by cars. If you have been around campus at peak class times like 9 a.m. there are a lot of people walking, there are also a lot of people riding bicycles. Auburn University and the City of Auburn have partnered to try and bring awareness to the safety concerns we have on campus.

The crossing guards by the stadium, the temporary stop signs at each crosswalk on Magnolia, the industrial lights illuminating the crosswalks, the on-campus police officers, the night transit, these are just some of the things being implemented to make Auburn’s campus safer.

According to Katie Reynolds, a senior majoring in Accounting, “I lived on campus my freshman year, and have lived off campus the past three years. I have always felt extremely safe on campus and in the City of Auburn.”

This is the attitude of many Auburn students. There are students who do not lock their doors at their homes; they don’t lock their car doors because they feel that this city is safe.

According to Annabeth Watson, a freshman living on campus, “Moving from home was hard and having to live on my own is harder. I feel very safe in my dorm room, and my mom is comfortable with me living on campus and in the City of Auburn. She knows Auburn is an extremely safe place, but she does remind me to always be precautious.”

Susan McCallister, the Associate Director of Public Safety Information and Education for Auburn University says, “Students have to understand campus safety is a shared responsibility, and they have to be responsible for their actions.”

“One of the most important things we are doing is improving our emergency notification capabilities. We recently installed outdoor warning sirens that allow us to broadcast both an audible signal as well as a verbal message so that people know exactly what the emergency is and what they need to do” says McCallister.

It takes no effort to see campus safety improvements. Students are bound to pass a cross guard by the stadium or take the night transit home from the library.

Once again, students need to take responsibility for their actions and know that improvements are being made every day to make this already safe campus, safer.

If you would like more information about Auburn University, and the City of Auburn’s efforts to make campus safer visit:

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