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The Master of Accountancy Program Provides Benefits in Studies and Lasting Friendships

The Master of Accountancy program is a higher education program that accounting students apply for after their undergrad. It is a great program for students to learn and enhance key skills demonstrated in the accounting work force. The MAc program is also a great way to build friendships that are beneficial to the program’s studies. 

Kendall Bliss is a recent graduate from Auburn University and received a degree in accounting. Bliss decided to take her education further and enroll in the MAc program here at Auburn. She has been very happy with her decision to stay at Auburn an extra year and learn more about the field of accounting.

“The MAc program is a very common step that most accounting students take after they graduate from college,” Bliss said, “It better prepares you for the job you will have in accounting, as well as the Certified Public Accountant exam.”


To be a registered accountant, you have to have completed 150 credits of school and have passed the CPA exam. When you graduate from accounting, you have 123, so it only makes sense to apply to graduate school.

“Through the MAc program, I am being taught how to take the CPA, where I am shown different accounting problems that I need to focus more on,” Bliss said. “This is a very important test and I need all of the help I can get!”


Graduates in the MAc have to take four CPA exams all together. The first two are taken in January and the next two are taken in April. Bliss said the MAc program is already enough and to add studying for the CPA exams are just a challenge within themselves.


Bliss said she owes gratitude to her accounting friends in the program for keeping her motivated and confident in getting the work done. She has gotten very close to the people in the program and does not know what she would do without their guidance and assistance in everything they have to do.

“I am very lucky that I have made great friends though the MAc program,” Bliss said. “We have formed a wonderful bond that we carry though social activities as well.”


Bliss said that they have gone to great lengths to get to know each other better on a personal level, and not just through academics. They have weekly dinners and will plan events for them all to go to.

“We are all going to be together for a whole year, doing basically the same things,” Bliss said. “We have all made a conscience effort in understanding that and know it will be easier if we are all good friends.”


A fun adventure that they will all be taking together is their study abroad trip to Argentina. In Argentina they will attend different business meetings and conferences discussing accounting internationally. Bliss believes this will expand her knowledge of accounting and will be a wonderful experience in general.

“I am excited about the chance to gain a different perspective of accounting through the study abroad trip to Argentina,” Bliss said. “I am eager to find out new ways to approach accounting on an international level and also get to know the people in my program that much more.”


Bliss has achieved this level of education on her own, but knows she could not have gotten through it as easily if it weren’t for her accounting friends. Through group projects and social activities, Bliss believes she is building friendships that will last a lifetime. 

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