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The Moderns: Auburn Engineering Alums Return to Their Musical Roots

Editors' Note:  We love seeing posts from former students. We actually remember this band from the glorious 1980s and hearing them play in the many venues they describe below.

Auburn's Imaginary Records describes their music as "early Joe Jackson meets the Police."  Listen on Spotify. Enjoy!

The Moderns are back! We have recently released our 4th album entitled Blue Sky. The name Blue Sky is not, as is typically the case, associated with a track on the album. The name comes from the outlook for the band, nothing but Blue Sky ahead! After a long break, we're now set to record more albums and continue as an ongoing affair. Blue Sky is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, and just about every other online and streaming outlet.

In the early 80s, The Moderns were a fixture around campus. We played at the Casino (burned down), Mothers (out of business), The Student Activity Building (burned down), Haley Center (scheduled to be torn down), and as engineering students spend a lot of time around the "L" Building (scheduled to be torn down ... oops! It's gone now, too). 

I'm not going to mention the Fraternities we played at, no need to give students any reason to burn something down! We had shows simulcast on WEGL, and as a mostly all original band got quite a bit of play on WEGL. We were also featured in the Plainsman on a regular basis and even had a full page spread in the 1982 Glomerata. 

Our first album, Serve and Protect, was a self-produced effort. Our budget was so low we essentially set up in a studio and played our live show. These days we've remastered it to improve it a bit.

After college, we floated around from Muscle Shoals to South Florida recording in studios trying to land a record contract. We were very close a couple of times and even made a trip out to Hollywood to visit a few record companies. But things just never materialized and eventually, we were faced with a decision. Go on a nationwide tour of clubs and bars for a living or take jobs as Engineers. 

At that time, Engineering was hot, we had many offers so that sounded like the right direction, at least temporarily. We continued to record, releasing our 2nd album, The Unforgotten, in '89 and our 3rd, Shadows of Doubt in '93. But both of those projects were done with minimal equipment, self-produced, and not really up to our self-imposed standards. Although Shadows of Doubt was pretty well done and there are some hidden gems on both. 

After those projects, we took a break, pursuing careers, families, and moving around the country. However, we never stopped playing and writing.

These days we're back, with newer technology for recording and online streaming and music downloads, we believe there is a place for bands, new and old, that may have been overlooked in the past.

But don't get the idea that we're a bunch of old guys playing elevator music! The new album Blue Sky has some uptempo rockin' tunes that will bring back our alternative and new wave roots from our days around campus.

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