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The Auburn student body is represented by a select group of 25 men and women known across campus as the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen.

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These select few men and women hold the role of official hostesses and hosts of Auburn University and represent the student body to members of the board of faculty, administrators, and the members of the community.

Since the 1960s, the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen has been a student organization that serves directly under the Office of the President in coordination with the Auburn Athletic Department and Auburn Alumni Association.The organization consists of 12 men and 12 women, with Miss Auburn being an honorary member.

“The best thing about being a War Eagle Girl is getting to know the alumni and being able to connect with them through our experiences as students at Auburn,” said Lauren Ketron, a current War Eagle Girl.

War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen contribute services to many different areas of Auburn through hosting university events and receptions, as well as working with student organizations and Auburn Athletics programs. Events held during football season include hosting pre-game festivities held at the President’s mansion, working the alumni tents and many other events sponsored on and off campus by the university.

“We decide which event we would like to attend and then we are paired up with a Plainsman to work the event together,” said Ketron.

The War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen also get to work political events such as the Gubernatorial debates held at Auburn this fall and when Vice President Cheney visited Auburn in 2005 to give the commencement speech at graduation that year.

“I worked the reception we held for the Gubernatorial candidates, It was another great opportunity to meet people that I would otherwise never have had the chance,” said Ketron.

War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen are required to attend every home football game and also have the option to go to the away games. They are also expected to go with one other as dates to every game.

“The plainsmen get really creative with asking the War Eagle Girls to the game. I had one guy ask me through a series of clues like a scavenger hunt, it was so much fun,” said Ketron.

Try-outs to become a War Eagle Girl or Plainsmen are open to all students, no matter how much involvement one has had on campus. To try-out students must fill out an application and sign up for an interview time. There are two rounds of interviews held by prominent members of Auburn’s administration including the President.

“I have met so many great people and made lifelong friends through being a War Eagle Girl. It has given me an opportunity to become a part of the Auburn family in a much deeper way,” said Ketron

To find out more about War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen please visit their website or contact them at (334) 844-5176.

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