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Clay Fleming is a freshman student from Huntsville, AL and his major is Pre-chemical engineering. As if that isn't enough work, Clay is taking his major to another level and specializing in Pre-med. His whole life has revolved around his love for Auburn and he couldn't see himself anywhere else but on the plains. To Clay, "the people, the sports, the academics, and so much more makes Auburn the best place."


1. What was most intimidating about coming to Auburn University after high school? 

The most intimidating thing was probably how hard the classes were going to be and how all you hear about is that the professors don't care about you they just care about the paycheck. It is completely opposite, if you pay attention in class and study outside of it, you will do fine. The professors want the best for you, by holding office hours and giving hints for the tests and showing us study groups. 



2. Has anyone that you've met since you've been at Auburn inspired you?

Even in this short period of time at Auburn, my director of Tiger Tuesdays, Kimberly Jones, has inspired me to never get down when things aren't going your way. To always try and try again, especially when trying out for on campus positions. I tried out for HSLC counselor and after not making it, I was sad because I wasn't used to not making stuff from high school, but she helped me realize that things happen for a reason and to keep trying. She has also been through the same thing not making what she tries out for, but her luck turned around and its going great for her now.


3. Have any particular organizations that you've been involved in stood out and if so, why?

Tiger Tuesdays, which is the freshman organization part of SGA, for getting freshman more involved on campus. In this organization, I have met some amazing friends, learned leadership techniques, and learned awesome new interview skills. Also I have learned to be myself and go out and get involved as much as I can because you only go through freshman year once.


4. Once you arrived, was anything completely different than what you expected?

Once I arrived in Auburn, the thing that stood out the most to me, was just having my own living space with out my parents. I don't have my parents waking me up, doing the dishes, or telling me what I can and can't do. It is an awesome learning experience.


5. What was your biggest transition from being a high school student to becoming a freshman at Auburn.

My biggest transition from high school to college has to have been focusing on the balance of academics and everything around it. At the very beginning, I had to learn that academics should always comes first. You don't have your parents pushing you to do your homework, study for this test, or you can't go out tonight. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself that you are going to stay in for the night and get ahead and study for that test.

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