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The Overall Company Is All-around Awesome

Auburn students are always up on current events, the newest trends and coolest hotspots. The latest buzz on Auburn’s campus is Opelika’s newest coffee bar and specialty market: The Overall Company.

Recently, Auburn’s Public Relations organization, PRSSA, teamed up with The Overall Co. and For Paws Boutique for their fundraiser “Pups and Pops.” The Overall Co. supplied the delicious, homemade popsicles that were a big part in making the event a success.

Whether it’s a sweet-tooth craving, a coffee fix or the need for good vibes and southern hospitality, The Overall Company has it covered. They specialize in coffee drinks, sweets and unique beers and wines, but their product line is much more extensive. From bath salts to jewelry, everything down to the vintage, revamped furniture is for sale.

Owners Laura and Jay Pritchard, and Ali and Ty Maloney are proud of all they have accomplished and with good reason. From start to finish, creating The Overall Co., took about two years.

Ali Maloney explained how the coffee bar and market came to be. Jay and Laura always had a dream of opening a coffee shop and she dreamed of baking. Maloney said, “One of our friends, knowing both of us and knowing [what] we wanted to do, [suggested we] do this together and make it bigger, better and more fun.” That is exactly what they did.

Maloney is the in-house sweet genius and the creator behind their best-selling popsicles. Originally wanting to sell gelato, Maloney took a more creative approach to the cool-treat trend. She saw popsicles on the rise and thought, “what a great idea. Something new and creative, but also something cold, refreshing and delicious.”

After research and testing, Maloney started to create her pops. She said, “I have about 40 to 50 recipes already and I try to rotate them out, but people have tried so many and love them already that I can’t take them off the menu!”

Opening The Overall Co. made the couples’ lives a lot busier. The Pritchards own a cleaning business, as well as their part-ownership in the coffee shop.

Laura Pritchard explains that it is hard to balance the two companies. Pritchard said, “The cleaning works well whenever I’m able to manage it well, when I’m there and can check the jobs to 

make sure they’re done properly. It’s hard when I’m [at The Overall Co.] to find people that will manage it they way I did.”
Ali works full time at the coffee shop, but her husband, Ty Maloney, has a full-time construction job and works at The Overall Company. Maloney said, “we’re working about 120 hours a w

eek [or more,] but it’s our own business and it’s worth it.”

The couples also have big plans for the future. Their dreams are what put them on the map, and they’re continuing to dream up endless possibilities. Laura Pritchard said, “The one thin

g that really gives us hope when things are tough is thinking about where we’re going and thinking about the future. We get a lot of energy from being inspired, so we want to inspire others.”

Pritchard reveals a few dreams for their future. From a boutique hotel to opening an Overall Co. in the Caribbean, their core motivator is being able to “buy [their] time back.” They want to have time to spend with the people they love, to travel and “create experiences all over the world.” Pritchard said, “We want to have the ability to give something back and to live in a manner that is outstanding- all across the board.”

If you need a little inspiration, a caffeine buzz or just a place to hang out and study, stop by The Overall Company. With wonderful drinks, sweets and more you will not be disappointed.

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