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The Perks of Staying in Auburn for a Summer

A summer in Alabama can bring a person to their knees with its sweltering heat and unforgiving humidity. For those who were born in the Yellowhammer State, the warmth is just a welcomed sign that summer has come and fall will be arriving soon after (because we're all just waiting on football, right?). Our friends from the other 49 states and various countries that Auburn University students hail from might not know just what to expect when they spend their first summer in the loveliest village on the plains. Here are just a few of the perks of spending a summer in our beloved Auburn:

1. Less traffic

Have you ever narrowly avoided a cyclist on the Haley Concourse while trying to get to class? Fear not! Summer semesters spent in Auburn see significantly less foot traffic on campus, but the traffic isn't limited to just walking and biking. All those days of waiting for a fellow Auburn resident to put their pedal to the metal are also taking a break for the summer. Enjoy your commute to class or the pool as you've never seen it before: empty! (Photo via Google Public Use Search. Wikipedia)

2. More free time

Whether you're taking classes to get ahead or sticking around to make some money for the fall, you'll find that summers in Auburn present you with more free time than you would expect. But spend this time wisely! It's easy to forget about an assignment when you're too busy hammocking outside Samford Hall. An experienced Auburn summer resident can tell you that your smartest move would be to hit the books before you go outside to play! (Photo via Google Public Use Search. Flickr)

3. Beautiful weather

As mentioned before, summers in Alabama can be a tad intense when it comes to the heat. But don't let that stop you from going outside and experiencing all that Auburn has to offer while the clouds have taken a break. Get your tan on by the pool or take a hike around Chewacla (just don't forget the sunscreen!). Also, hydration is key, because dehydration is no joke! Investing in a reusable water bottle now might save you from those parched lips later. (Photo via Google Public Use Search. Wikipedia)

4. Longer class times/smaller class sizes

Before you try and object, this truly is one of the biggest perks of staying in Auburn to pick up a few hours over the summer. Though a mini-semester may feel reminiscent of high school with its class meetings every day, you'd be surprised at how much you can learn and accomplish in just five weeks. Smaller class sizes means your professor has more attention they can give to each student. And you're more likely to feel at home with this small group of students than that 300-person biology lecture you sat through a few semesters back. (Photo via Google Public Use Search. Flickr)

5. Spending more time in Auburn

Four years can go by too fast. Spending a summer in Auburn can help you cross off all those Auburn bucket list items that you didn't have time for in the fall or spring. Soak up all of the orange and blue sunsets you can. Shout "War eagle!" whenever you pass someone walking downtown, and watch their faces light up like you're the family member they haven't seen in years. The memories you make in Auburn will last you a lifetime. (Photo via Google Public Use Search. Flickr)

Want to spend all of your summers in Auburn? Can't blame you! The loveliest village will always welcome you back with open arms. 

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