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In just about every college at Auburn you can find that group of students that are looking to have Attorney at Law written after their name. Some may choose to study Economics, some political science. For senior Morgan Kain, she has chosen to double major in English and Management to prepare her for the road to law school.


“I started off as management because it was a good general business degree. I added the English major because I’ve always enjoyed English and literature. By adding the English major, it will help with analyzing different things.”


Since Kain came to Auburn, she knew that she was going to follow her undergrad degree with a law degree. To get more experience with the way law works, she joined Mock Trial and E-Board. These organizations are designed for students like Kain who have interest in law. Kain heard about Mock Trial through the Pre-Law organization on campus.


Mock Trial is a trail competition team that gives you real life trial experience. There are different roles including attorneys and witnesses. It is a role-play competition where members of Mock Trial team across the south come together to compete.


“It helps you form connections within the law community at Auburn. It allows you to see how to use the law in trial situations. It’s something that you really know how to do until you’re in the situation, so it was cool to be a part of that and see how a courtroom runs. “


Mock Trail is a student-run organization. The team meets three times a week for a bout two hours to practice and prepare for competitions.


“Essentially you given a packet and you have to build a case. You have to be prepared to be on the defendants and the plaintiffs side.”


Another organization that has prepared students like Kain for law is E-Board. The Student Government Association runs this board. It consists of five members, two alternates, the executive board of elections for SGA and the SGA president. It is the ruling body of campaign elections. If a candidate breaks an election law and it is violated, hearings are held by the E-Board. If there are any questions relating to the law of elections, candidates reach out to the board to decide if breaks campaign law. The board is required to stay unbiased during elections, meaning they cannot support any candidate.


“You are able to use the SGA Code of Laws and see how one strict law applies to different situations. It gives you good practice on how to really analyze a situations and make an executive ruling.”


Not only has Auburn given Kain the opportunities to learn through on-campus organizations, it has given her the resources to get internships. There is a political science professor who has connections with law firms and connects students with law firms in the Auburn area. For Kain, she got an internship at a law firm in Opelika. The firm she interned worked as family law practice, and that environment made Kain’s mind up on choosing to pursue family law. Kain received credit at Auburn for the internship. She was required to work 120 hours and write a reflection paper in order to receive credit at Auburn.


“It introduced me to how the firm side of law. It was a good starting point of where I want to go, and gave me a good idea of what family law is. After working with that firm, it made me want to work with family law so it worked out great.”


Kain graduates from Auburn in May 2018 and plans to attend law school starting in the fall of 2018.






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