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A large mass of excited fans and students made their way from the Jordan-Hare Stadium after the enthralling BCS National Championship celebration, to one of the most sacred places to Auburn fans.  They all scurried along with the single intent to completely cover the infamous Toomer’s Corner. 


Generations of fans and families come near and far to plaster those trees with hundreds of rolls of toilet paper in celebration of a big Auburn victory.  One fan in particularly has taken rolling Toomer’s Corner to a whole new level.


Sharon Standirge has invented a machine that effectively unravels a roll of toilet paper, shooting it several feet in the air quickly and effectively covering the trees.   She has created what she calls the “Toomer’s Special.”


Standirdge has figured out a way to get the most out of your roll of toilet paper when covering Toomer’s Corner.  She attached a paint roller to a leaf blower, which spins the roller when it is turned on.  She places the roll of toilet paper on the paint roller and the leaf blower send the toilet paper flying as it unravels. 


Standridge enjoys letting the kids have a try at the machine and it brings all sorts of excitement and laughter.  Standirdge came up with the idea while doing yard work and has not only used it to roll Toomer’s Corner, but she also uses it at her nephew’s baseball games to celebrate a big win.


Standirdge has been an Auburn fan her entire life.  Ever since she could remember, Auburn football has always been a big part of her life.  She says she and her family used to go to games together when she was little, which is probably why it has been such an embedded tradition throughout her life.   When asked her reason for attending the BCS National Championship Celebration she answered:  “I go to honor the Auburn spirit, pride and humility this great team has shown.  They make me proud to be an Auburn Tiger.” 


Standirdge was amazed at the turnout the celebration had and just how proud the fans were.  She stated how inspiring the fans and students were and how much Auburn is truly like a second family.  She was able to attend the National Championship game in Glendale, AZ and she said it was worth every penny and stressful situation that came with the trip.  “Getting and being there was the fun part, but the getting back was…well let’s just say I’m glad I had the game’s win to reminisce,” Standirdge recalls.


Standirdge closed with this bit of advice for students and young Auburn fans:  “Enjoy the wins and learn from the losses, for it’s not just a game.  It truly becomes a part of who you are and that is something worth cheering for.”

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