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To outsiders, the oaks of Toomer's Corner are just trees. To the Auburn Family, these trees symbolize much more. They represent years of tradition, and victories. They represent excitement, laughter, and memories to those celebrating a win. These 130-year-old trees have been the landing spot for many rolls of toilet paper over the years, due to a tradition Auburn fans adore.


Following every Auburn athletic win, fans gather around Toomer's Corner to celebrate, armed with rolls and rolls of toilet paper. The beautiful, green trees quickly turn into a sea of white. Seeing Toomer's covered in white is recognized as a win for all Auburn athletics. 


In February of 2011, the people of Auburn learned of the devastating news that the Toomer's oaks had been deliberately poisoned. Herbicide was used in lethal amounts to the soil surrounding the trees. 


A series of steps have been taken in an attempt to save the trees. The contaminated soil has been replaced and activated charcoal has been applied to the roots. Auburn fans patiently wait to hear good news about the beloved trees of Toomer's Corner. 


Social Media has taken a huge role in this occurrence. "Tide for Toomers" is a Facebook fan page for Alabama fans who are in an effort to raise money for Auburn University and our traditions. It has over 60,000 fans. The famous oaks even have a Twitter and currently have over 2,400 followers.


Auburn fans everywhere are also continuously uploading statuses about the progress and information learned about the trees. This incident has gained nation-wide recognition, and people all over the world have seen a glimpse of the Auburn Family's positivity after such a negative experience has occurred to a unique tradition.


In an attempt to tear the Auburn Family apart, it truly has brought us together. Many students, faculty, administrators, and fans gather at the oaks daily since the incident. The trees are surrounded by flowers, posters, news reporters, and saddened Auburn Family members continually. Fans fear the loss of the trees that hold many of their beloved Auburn memories. 



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