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Landrum Isaacson
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We've all met Type A and B personalities, right? Type A are those hard workers with busy schedules and they seem to work at the speed of light. Type B are creative, imaginative, and philosophical people with a thirst for experiences and learning.

Landrum Isaacson, Auburn '12, is equal parts A and B with that special dash of unique Landrum personality. So, Landrum is the original, and very special, Type L personality.

"I chose Auburn because having grown up in Auburn, I knew that I would fit in and love every second," said Isaacson. "My sister, brother, parents and grandparents are all Auburn alumni so it was also a family tradition. I bleed orange and blue and I didn't even look at another school."

Remember that Type L personality we talked about earlier? Isaacson is very active on Auburn's campus. Who knows what else she'll do by the time she graduates in December. So far, Isaacson has been active in:

  • War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen
  • Alpha Delta Pi
  • Auburn University Gospel Choir
  • International Dinners
  • High School Leadership
  • Intramural soccer and football
  • Tiger Tuesday: Politics and Leadership

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This summer, Landrum Isaacson is interning with Emily Post. That's right. The Queen of all things manners and etiquette. Isaacson fits right in - and is probably lighting up their office with energy.

Isaacson writes for the Emily Post blog. Her latest contribution is an area in which Landrum excels - Southern Manners. She's working on a new post on tea, too. Here's a sneak peek - Tea Traditions. Isaacson also authors a personal blog, Yesterday You Said Today.  You may also visit her Auburn Family page and see her stories here.

"My blog is mainly about my experience in Burlington, VT this summer (with Emily Post)," said Isaacson. "It follows my day to day adventures as I meet new friends and experience life outside of the south. I'll most likely continue to blog once I leave Vermont, but for now that is the focus."

"I chose to write it because I wanted everyone in Auburn to know about my summer without me having to repeat myself 25 times. It's also a very neat way for me to organize my thoughts and have photos to go along with them," said Isaacson.

"Each post is basically a story of my day or week. If I had more time to blog I would focus on specific experiences in each post instead of a jumbled mess of stories in a condensed form, but for now a recap will have to suffice," said Isaacson.

"I enjoy being creative. It is more time consuming than I had originally thought, but I enjoy it when I have time. Seeing my photos with my stories is a neat aspect to the blog. I also enjoy having my friends and family know about my life without me having to pick up the phone," said Isaacson. "When I get to be a little more comfortable with the web design I hope that I'll be able to take my blog to the next level."

Visit Landrum's blogs at Emily Post - Southern Manners and Tea Traditions - and check out her personal blog, Yesterday You Said Today.



Editor's Note: This series highlights students and alumni blogging.

Whether it be for personal pleasure or for work, the practice seems to be growing.

This has now become a four-week series.

~ Robert French

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