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As a soon-to-be Auburn University alumna, I feel that it is tremendously necessary to make yet another Auburn University bucket list, filled with all the things you should do before graduating.

Now, this is definitely a popular topic and I'm sure if you were to jump over to Google right now and type in "Auburn University bucket list," thousands upon thousands of entries would pop up. However, I would argue that my list is going to be the best - in that, I tried to encompass all interests and different walks of life.

There are things on this list that I have done a million times (and never get tired of doing), and there are things on this list that I have never done - but, will spend the rest of my life as a post-graduate wishing I had.

All of that being said, remember this: you are the only one that controls what you do here and how you spend your time. Do something fun, do something that scares you - do it all. You only have four years here - make the most of them!

1. Roll Toomer's Corner!

   Like it even needed to be said...

2. Meet all the people you possibly can!

   All different people, from different backgrounds!

3. Go to at least one game of every sport.

   The volleyball and basketball games are my absolute favorite games to go to, and so underrated!

4. Eat breakfast and lunch at Big Blue Bagel!

   Try the bagel sandwich and get bagel chips with cream cheese! You'll love it right away.

5. Go to the beach with friends for a weekend. 

   Make it the cheapest trip you've ever planned and have the best time ever!

6. Eat at Live Oaks, the Hound, the Wellness Kitchen and all of the Mama Goldberg's locations!

   Eat at least once at each location.

7. Throw at least one house party.

   Don't clean up until the next day in your pajamas!

8. Have a slumber party weekend with friends!

   Watch movies and eat popcorn with M&Ms.

9. Try a new skill you've never thought about before.

   Like photography, dancing or graphic design - something you've never thought of before!

10. Tailgate hop on a game weekend!

   Meet a ton of people and say "War Eagle!"

11. Spend time getting to know your favorite professors!

   Go to office hours and talk about your career goals! You never know what advice might change your life or who might help you!

12. Take your parents to a game!

   Share all of Auburn's great traditions with them!

13. Go to the animal shelter and walk the dogs or play with the cats.

   Try not to adopt all of them!

14. Fall hopelessly in love with this city...

   Because Auburn truly is a beautiful city.

15. Fall head-over-heels in love with EVERYTHING about your life and everything in it!!

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