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Backhand, corkscrew, cut, handler and swill. Team members in the “ultimate” community all use these ultimate Frisbee terms. Most students on Auburn’s campus are aware of the numerous intramural and club teams, but many do not know about Auburn’s ultimate Frisbee club team.

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Laura Barrett is a senior majoring in nutrition and dietetics, and she plays ultimate Frisbee on Auburn University’s club team, and she had no experience playing ultimate Frisbee before joining the team.

One of her classmates invited her to ultimate practice and a tournament, and Barrett began to learn the ropes. Now she spends three days a week practicing with the girls’ club team, the Tiger Lillies, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:30.

“There is a whole new language in ultimate Frisbee with different terms and plays, and I am still learning a lot about the sport,” Barrett said.

The teams are split up for men and women, and there are only about 15 girls on the women’s team. The boys are separated into “A” and a “B” teams. Without a coach, the team members elect team captains to schedule practices, run practices and decide which tournaments to attend.

Ultimate Frisbee season takes place in the spring, and the teams travel to about five or six tournaments around the southeast. During tournament weekends, the teams play three or four games on both Saturday and Sunday.

“It’s a lot of fun to spend all weekend with a group of people outside, hanging out and running around. For a lot of the tournaments the guys and girls will travel together so it’s fun to go support the guys and have the guys team support us,” Barrett said.

During the fall, the girls’ ultimate Frisbee team plays pick-up games at the intramural field, and everyone is welcome to join in regardless of skill. For anyone interested, it is recommended that you bring cleats, a light shirt, a dark shirt and water.

Ultimate Frisbee , along with all other club sports, is a way to meet new people in Auburn’s campus. Barrett said she has made many friends through the classes in her major. She also was in the Auburn University marching band, and she met many of her best friends through that community.

“Ultimate Frisbee has allowed me to make more friends that I wouldn’t have met elsewhere and see a new area of Auburn University through this club team,” Barrett said.

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