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The boys of Lambda Chi Alpha at Auburn University are bringing their annual Watermelon Bash back! It has been several years since the Omega Zeta chapter has hosted this event but they are proud to announce that in the fall of 2013, a three-day extravaganza will be taking place at their house located on Magnolia Street.

According to the philanthropy chair, Will Stewart, “The Watermelon Bash consists of a competition between all the sororities on Auburn’s campus. Every event held throughout the competition will be watermelon based.”
Ladies, when you arrive you can expect to take part in a greased watermelon relay, a watermelon toss, tug-of-war, and more enticing activities!

The boys devised a plan on how to declare a winner of these events and it is as simple as a point system. The more events you win, the more points you will gain and each event will be worth a certain amount of points.

With all the fun and games aside, the reasoning behind this philanthropy event is to benefit the North American Food Drive. The only thing you need to bring to participate are cans of food and your team will receive points based on how many cans you provide. Stewart said, “We hope to get 10,000 pounds of food because this is a cause we deeply care about.”

This event is a spin on your average can food drive. If it did not already lure you in with the planned activities, Lambda Chi Alpha wants to give back to those that are giving to them. “There will be a cash prize for the top three sororities, we want that cash to go towards their philanthropy so we can help make a difference too,” said Stewart.

It is a tradition for a celebration to be thrown once the week of events comes to an end. That is where the winners will be announced, in addition to the cash prize the top three sororities will also be given a trophy to put on display in their chapter room.

“It is just a great way to bring everyone together and to raise awareness that there are those that need our help; to be able to provide families with food and to make a difference is the most gratifying part of it all,” said Stewart.

The boys of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity will do chapter visits to all the sororities and make a Facebook page to spread the word, so keep an eye out because this is one event you will not want to miss.

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