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Dr. William Sauser has been a professor here at Auburn for many years, teaching management courses not only to business majors, but to non-business majors as well.  I sat down with Dr. Sauser to find out why he came here, what made him stay all these years and a little bit about his education and background.  


Dr. Sauser graduated from Georgia Tech in 1977 with three degrees, but his time at Auburn began before then.  With a year left on his dissertation, he took an instructor position in the psychology department and moved down here with his wife, who is also an instructor here.  He had always planned on moving on from here to teach elsewhere, but as many people who have moved to the area soon realize, this is a great place to live.  They immediately met new friends in the faculty and grew comfortable here, and cite the students enthusiasm and willingness to learn as reasons for staying some 34 years later.


Previously mentioned was that Sauser has three degrees from Georgia Tech.  What was not mentioned was that he also recently finished a degree online from Wales University in England just for fun.  He strongly believes that you should never stop learning, and that is something he tries to pass along to his students.


It is no secret that Auburn graduates are well prepared for the workforce when they graduate, and Sauser was able to outline a few of the reasons this is so.  From people in the business world that he has spoken with, Auburn graduates are work oriented right out of college.  He says they have also noticed that they tend to hit the ground running and do not require as much training as new hires typically do.  Dr. Sauser thinks this is due to the social learning that students gather from being active in campus clubs and organizations, which have always been a big part of the university.  


Being a Christian minister, he points to Jesus Christ as the most influential figure in his life.  He adds that his wife is a close second.  Mrs. Sauser also has a doctorate and teaches at Auburn.  They have been married for 35 years and he says that he can't imagine life without her.  Not running short on influences, he also considers both his father and his father-in-law in the discussion, saying that they set good examples and he knew he wanted to be the kind of men they were.





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