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Carrie Wise

Admissions Advisor in the Office of Recruitment

For many students, attending a recruitment day or a Camp War Eagle is a scary experience. They worry about the process of both visiting and applying. Will it all work out? Admissions advisor Carrie Wise is here to make sure it does.  As the advisor for the office of recruitment, Wise makes sure that the students, specifically those who Auburn is recruiting because of their outstanding scores, feel at home and at ease. Wise graduated from Auburn in spring 2010 with a double major in HDSF and Spanish. Originally from a small town in Georgia, Wise shares why she chose Auburn.


Why did you come to Auburn?

“When I was deciding where to get my undergraduate degree, I had five criteria that I needed to have met. I wanted a school with a good football team, great academics, and no more than two hours from my mom. I wanted to live on campus and also to have a campus that was full of events and organizations to get involved in. Auburn fit the criteria. It had everything I was looking for and then some.”


What’s been the best part of your job?

“I get to travel to places like Texas and Florida and I have the opportunity to talk to students about why Auburn is great. I recruit at schools in both states, but I enjoy going to Texas the most.Texas has a lot of rules about how many students can actually attend in-state schools so I get to go and talk about why an out-of-state school like Auburn is an excellent option.”


What’s the most important thing you learned while in college?

“People skills. I learned to work in a group whether that was projects in class or internships. I also learned that manners help get stuff done. A good attitude is key to helping accomplish a task. You can get anywhere if you have a good attitude.”


What’s been the funniest thing that has happened to you while working here?

“Crazy moms. I experience helicopter moms all the time. They fill out applications for their children and answer all the questions. The lengths moms go to in order to make sure that their child gets into Auburn is crazy. I think that's been the funniest thing though is dealing with them.”


What’s your favorite thing you do on the weekends?

“I’m currently redecorating my apartment so I’ve been shopping, painting and rearranging. That's fun and helps me feel domestic. I also just bought a brand new camera. It’s one of the fancy Cannons. Since I got it, I’ve tried to become all artsy. It’s a slow process.”

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