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Engineering is one of Auburn University's top colleges.  It is nationally recognized, ranked as the 32nd undergraduate program and 41st graduate program among public institutions.  Being so competitive, students are dedicated to their field of work and strive to do their best.
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Grant Rogers, a senior in mechanical engineering, talks about why he picked the track he did and where he plans on going after graduation. 


Rogers picked mechanical engineering because he liked making things with his hands. 


“In high school I always liked math and physics and I also like using my hands and tinkering with things, and you know, figuring out how things work,” said Rogers.


In his classes, he has had the opportunity to put together things such as a skateboard and robot.  Even though he had a good time putting them together, it used math skills to figure everything out, and it counted toward his overall grade in the class. 


There are many organizations on campus specifically geared for engineering students, two of which, Pi Tau Sigma and Tau Beta Pi, Rogers is involved in.


With the engineering buildings being newly renovated, the facilities are much more up-to-date to encompass everything students may need when learning the aspects of engineering.  


The College of Engineering strongly recommends getting involved with companies that offer internships and co-op programs to students.  Rogers recently interned with a company in town that he found through Auburn while taking classes. 


“They have what they call engineering co-ops where you work a semester and then come back to school for a semester and you do that throughout your college career,” said Rogers.  "It takes a little longer to graduate, but it gives you good experience."


There are also several student competitions that allow students to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to real situations.


“I'm in Senior Design and we're working on a lunar excavator and at the end of May we get to go travel down to Cap Canaveral in Florida and compete in a lunar excavator competition at NASA,” said Rogers.


With four years under his belt, Rogers knows how important it is to stay on top of schoolwork. 


“You really have to stay on top of everything because it all builds on each other and if you don’t understand one thing, you won’t understand anything else,” said Rogers.


After getting his degree in December, Rogers wants to continue his love of hands-on work and work in aerospace or the oil and energy field.

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