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For a young person moving away from home and starting college is a difficult process. Many young people will feel a void especially those that move long distances from their family to attend college. After a few months, some students will look for new friends to fill these voids. Others may have trouble finding new friends at first and decide to get a pet. Having a pet is a big responsibility that students are oblivious to before they purchase the new pet.

Getting a pet is not a bad idea, but one should thoroughly think it through before purchasing. There are many instances where a student would buy a new pet and then disregard the animal and not take good care of the animal. A pet is a lot of work and money. So if your thinking about getting a pet to fill a void in your life or to just add a little fun to your day, there are three things to remember.

First, having a pet is time consuming. “ I did not know it would take this much time to keep care of a dog," says freshman Patrick Bolton who just recently got a new puppy. Patrick loves having the dog around, but he did not realize how much work a puppy would be. “ I have to constantly clean up after Seal because he has not learned to use the restroom outside yet," says Patrick Bolton.

The second thing that should be remembered is the amount of money that has to be spent on a pet. After food, toys, leashes, flea medicine, and vet bills, a new pet can get costly. Just a routine check up at the vet is 40 dollars.

Third thing to remember is that a pet needs love. Before buying a new pet think about how much time should be put in to showing that pet love. Right now being new to the college world, things are slower and more relaxed. As a student progresses in the college world the schedule can become quite busy and there will be no time to take care of that pet anymore. This will result in giving the pet away.

The next time it seems like things are slowing down and the desire for a new pet comes to mind, think of these few details. There is a lot of work that goes in to becoming a pet owner.

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