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Tiger Advisor @ the Library: An Academic Support Service

The pressure of class registration is one that plagues many Auburn students. In an effort to better the registration process and improve graduation rates, Student Government Association teamed up with the Office of the Provost to offer a new academic support service this past fall.

Tiger Advisor @ the Library launched in October 2012 as a satellite advising station to add to the work of student's academic advisors. SGA Chief of Staff Collier Tynes brought the idea to the Office of the Provost after attending a SGA conference at Texas A & M University.

"A school mentioned they had an academic help desk in the middle of their student center during an idea exchange at the conference," Tynes said. "This desk would answer questions about registration, academic policies and where you could get academic help for classes students were taking."

Tynes saw that Auburn's campus was not short of any academic support service, but that the great services offered were were hard to find on our large campus. "Our idea was to bring all the support services together so students knew a central location to go to whenever they had any type of academic question," Tynes said.

Tiger Advisor @ the Library is staffed by students and a retired academic advisor. The office is open from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday. "The point of Tiger Advisor only being open in the afternoon and evening is to fill the gap when academic advisors are not available," Tynes said. "When talking about advising, one common thread between students is that they always need their advisors most when it is after university hours."

Tiger Advisor @ the Library can answer most any question about academic policies, troubleshoot registration problems, talk with students about changing majors and help get students connect to other academic support services. The only thing Tiger Advisor is not designed to do is to give counseling regarding a student's plan of study and what courses to register for.

"It is an academic advisors job to make sure students are taking the right courses and staying with their plan of study," Tynes said. "We are lucky to have advisors unique to our colleges so this service is in no way here to replace what they do."

In addition to the hours students can visit the Tiger Advisor in person, a website launched in conjunction with the new program. This website was built with the hope it would become student's first resource when searching Auburn's website for information about academic policies.

"The website is managed by the Office of the Provost," Tynes said. "You can trust the information is up to date and accurate."

Since the launch in October, students have been utilizing this new resource. "We have seen in person visits increase over the past several months, peaking at course during registration weeks," Tynes said. "I hope in the coming year even more students will come to the Tiger Advisor and see what a great resource it is for our campus."

To learn more about Tiger Advisor @ the Library students can visit or stop by on the second floor of the library.

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