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TigerFit Helps Auburn Keep Their New Year's Resolutions

Millions of people began this year with a resolution. Whether it was to quick smoking, eat healthier, be a better friend or spend more time with their families, people all over the country made a promise to themselves to keep their New Year’s resolution.

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Luckily for Auburn students, faculty, staff and their families, they can help keep their healthy New Year’s resolutions by taking advantage of the Department of Kinesiology’s TigerFit program.

TigerFit, which was started in 2001, is a training program for students obtaining degrees from the department of kinesiology. Students in the health promotion field complete a two semester course, which provides the training for them to perform 90-minute fitness assessments.

During the first semester, the students learn the basics of health and fitness assessments according to the guidelines set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine. The second semester, the students are able to apply what they learned in the text books in a more hands-on learning environment.

Training and experience provided for the students through the TigerFit program is essential for the student’s future, whether they want to attend physical therapy school, complete a health promotion graduate degree or become a personal trainer.

The health and fitness assessment sessions include checks of cholesterol and blood glucose levels, cardiovascular disease risk, pulmonary function, body composition and bone density. A graded exercise test is also given to provide assessments of muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and blood pressure.

Students perform the evaluation to get a baseline of the client’s health and fitness needs. After analyzing the tests, they write a safe and effective exercise plan for them to follow.

Appointments for the fitness assessments are available from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. beginning Tuesday, Feb. 15 and will run throughout the semester, with the exception of spring break.

All the testing conducted by undergraduate and graduate students is completed under the close supervision of Jim McDonald, the director of TigerFit. McDonald, who considers fitness to be more of an avocation than an occupation, is a retired Air Force Colonel and will be receiving his Ph.D in exercise physiology at the end of next year.

According to McDonald a variety of people utilize the TigerFit program.

“We get very fit individuals who are looking for a specific type of exercise training program and also people who are just looking to lose weight,” said McDonald.

“TigerFit gives everyone a chance to start moving, feel better and improve their health,” said McDonald. “To quote Jack LaLanne, the man who brought exercise and healthy living to television and passed away at 96 in January of this year, ‘the only way you can you hurt the body is not to use it.’”

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