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Greetings, strapping gentlemen and dashing ladies of Auburn University. Is there anyone out there? My name is Grace Perry and I am your new 2013-14 Student Travel Ambassador. What is a Student Travel Ambassador, you may ask? Well, I am your on-campus resource, guru if you will, to all travel programs endorsed by War Eagle Travelers. More specifically, I promote the 2014 Auburn European Graduation Trip around our campus on a day-to-day basis. If you follow @AUGradTrip on twitter, I am the voice behind the illuminating tweets that blow up your feed everyday. (Why is there 140-character limit again?) And now, my voice is here on the Auburn Family website (trying) to attract a larger following with my blog. If you enjoy tantalizing traveling facts and photos, fear no more, this is your one-stop-site. If you are looking for the latest post to entertain you while standing the painfully long line at ABP, you can go ahead and favor this page.

To get this thing rolling, I wanted to give you all a brief synopsis of my travel history, because that is why we’re all here, right? My first real trip abroad came as a high school graduation present. My mom and I went on a two-week excursion to Switzerland, Germany, France, and Italy. One of my most vivid memories was spending my 18th birthday sipping Prosecco (Italian style champagne) in the breathtaking city of Lake Como, all the while casually looking for George Clooney’s Italian villa. [Located on Lake Como] This is where my love for Italy was cultivated. From there, I started studying and earning my Italian language minor at Auburn. Learning the most beautiful romance language, Italian, led me to study abroad for four months in the magnificent city of Torino, Italy in Fall 2012. Instead of going on and on about my incredible, life-changing abroad experience, which could last for days, these pictures tell more of a story than my words ever could:

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Portofino, Italy

Venice, Italy

Torino, Italy

Rome, Italy

Before studying abroad, people told me how traveling changed them and their lives. I always nodded and thought I understood, but truthfully, one cannot even begin to fathom the changes that take place after traveling to a foreign country. After I returned to back to the United States, regrettably I might add, I decided my mission would be to share my passion with people in hopes on inspiring them enough to try it themselves. I know, sounds cheesy, but it couldn’t be more valid. Fortunately, my amazing pictures and elevated level of happiness convinced a few of my friends to travel and study abroad as well. That leads me to this point, when I’m here trying (again, hopefully) to reach someone on the brink of making the best decision of his or her young adult lives; to take a leap into the unknown and travel abroad. It was the best decision I’ve ever made and it will be yours too.

Ciao belle,


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