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To Live on Campus or Not to Live on Campus, That is the Question

Dorm life. It’s the typical college freshman experience. However, since many upcoming freshmen have never shared a room for a day in their life, much less for an entire school year, it’s no surprise that most college-bound seniors struggle with the decision whether to live on or off campus for their first year at school.


Thankfully, upper classmen at Auburn are stepping up to share their freshman living experiences and giving advice to help new students make this tough decision.

Kaci Daly, a senior studying finance at Auburn, lived on campus her freshman year. Daly lived in Owen, an all-girls dorm located in the Quad.

“I always knew I wanted to live on campus, and the Quad is such a convenient location. It really helped me to feel connected my first year at Auburn,” Daly says.

Many students are nervous about finding roommates their first year, and Daly says living in the dorm was helpful because they matched her with a roommate and suitemates, which helped her to meet new people.

“The stadium was literally in my front yard and my classes were five minutes away,” she says. Daly thinks this helped her while trying to manage her time as a freshman because she didn’t have to worry about commuting to campus or planning meals. Everything was right in front of her.

Janiee Rush, a sophomore studying public relations, made a different decision her freshman year. Rush lived off campus in an apartment complex known as The Castle on East Magnolia Avenue.

When asked why she decided to live off campus for her first year, Rush replied, “Personally, I like to have my space. I really enjoy being around people, but there are times when I like things to be quiet so that I can study. It was really nice having my own room and bathroom, a kitchen and a washer and dryer. I was also able to live with my sister, which was fun.”

Rush did say she would have liked meeting more people, and living on campus would have probably made that easier, but overall she was satisfied with her choice.

“I would recommend living on campus to someone who always likes to be around people and doesn't mind sharing most of their living space. There are definitely pros and cons with both living arrangements, but in order to make the right decision to see which one suits them best, I think that it depends on the personality and the specific needs of the individual,” Rush says.

Overall, both girls said that there is no right decision for everyone, and it is best to just do what you think best fits your personality.

“Your freshman year at Auburn is an amazing experience no matter what. You just have to decide which living situation is best for you,” Daly says.

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