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Toomer's Oaks Last Roll :: Recap of Stories

The Last Roll
Jules of the South
From Julia Robertson: "At my school we have two oak trees that have stood at the edge of campus for hundreds of years. It is tradition to roll them with toilet paper whenever we win a football game or any other sport. In January of 2011 after we won the BCS National Championship a man admitted that he had poisoned them and it was confirmed the trees were not going to live much longer. On April 20, after our spring game, fans were invited for one last roll before the trees were going to be taken out of the ground. It was quite a party."

Great To Be
Donica Knight
From Auburn Athletics: Many of you asked for a way to watch the video and also download the song "It's Great to Be" heard on the AUHD video board on Saturday. Here you go: Video and Download the song.

Auburn A-Day & Toomer's Last Roll
Celebration Draws Huge Crowd & Celebrations Around the Nation and World

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