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Top 10 Auburn-isms: A Dictionary for Your Survival on the Plains

AUBURN, Ala. -- So you’ve been accepted to Auburn University and you’re about to officially become an Auburn Tiger! Congratulations and WAR EAGLE!

But, what if you are already in college and preparing to make the switch? If you’re like me, you’re a transfer student in for the shock of your life! Auburn’s culture is one of immersion and pervasion. Be prepared to dive in and enjoy the experience of this unique environment. 


This is the home of the Tigers.
This is where the champions chant.
This is Auburn.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Auburn-isms:

Trust me, I’m saving you a world of embarrassment.

1. “Ya’ll” [n.]

Yes, we know this is the staple greeting of the South, but it’s also the number one way to fake being a local. Even if your accent screams Jersey Shore, it’s impossible to say “ya’ll” without sounding Southern.

Source: Sonic News Network

2. "WAR EAGLE!" [n. / adj. / pron. / verb / marriage vow]

Again, this is seemingly an obvious phrase to know. However, allow me to give you the rules of usage. While this is the official war cry of Auburn University, it’s used in many more ways than a simple exclamatory statement.

→[n.] "You'd think they were trying to be a war eagle or something."
→[adj.] "There's nothing war eagle about that!"  OR  "We had a war eagle time!"
→Lastly, as a response -- to ANYTHING! Some say YOLO, we say WAR EAGLE!

Source: Bleacher Report

3. “Roll Tide” [nothing]

Just…don't. Need I say more? (No.)


Source: True Gif

4. "Bless your heart." [ouch]

Another thing the South is renown for: double-speak. We're pros at turning seemingly religious-filled statement of care into a thinly veiled insult.
*Note: This is never complete without the trademarked sympathy smile and head-tilt.

Source: Her Campus


4. “Minute” [adj.]

While this is generally used to mean the amount of time needed to cook Uncle Ben's instant rice, Southerns have a different meaning for it altogether. At Auburn, it's used to describe a lengthy amount of time. Add a temperature measurement to it and you might as well start digging your grave.

Usage example: You're sitting at a pizza joint for a few hours on a first date. The pizza maker gets on the loud speaker and says, "Ya'll have been here for a hot minute!"

Disclaimer: While I wish it wasn't, this is a true story.

Yep, it happened.

To me.

Source: Just Gif


5. “Lilly/Vera” [bff]

You only have the following five designers in your closet:
     1. Your sorority's Comfort Colors tees
     2. Tons of Nike running shorts (even though you've never run in your life)
     3. Your prized North Face rain jacket (Patagonia will suffice as a substitute.)
     4. Lilly Pulitzer
     5. Vera Bradley

When referring to the last two, it's clearly too much effort to say the whole name.
Instead, say "Lilly" or "Vera" like they're your BFFs from kindergarten.

 Source: Her Campus

6. “Rodeo” [n.]

Well, there are just some things that you can't unsee...

 Source: Giphy

7. “Big/Little” [n.]

Ah yes, sorority life. The infamous collection of girls claiming to share a sacred bond of sisterhood. Whatever preconceived notion you have about it, join one. Trust me. Just do it.

Source: Her Campus

8. “Dressed for class” [myth]

The South is known for its over-the-top hairdos and Scarlett O'Hara-inspired fashion. But when it comes to going to class on Auburn University's campus, this is not the case. Go ahead and cut your "back-to-school clothing budget" in half. Instead, invest in some sorority tees (approx. three sizes too big), a multitude of Nike shorts in a wide variety of colors (you don't want people to think you're wearing the same pair every day - ew) and a customized pair of Chacos.

Source: Tumblr

9. “Take a Lunch to have Supper.” [uhm?]

Ok, some of them you'll never understand. This is one I still don't get. Thus, it's ok to give up sometimes.

Source: Her Campus

10. "If at first you don’t succeed, say 'War Eagle' and try again!" [cliche]

Source: Tumblr

Last, but not least...if all else fails...

Know that you're not alone. Whether we admit to it or not, we're all just bumbling around trying to figure things out. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's ok to take a break once in a while and watch YouTube videos till your heart's content -- like this one, for instance.

Check out Hill, a second-semester freshman, in Her Campus'
“10 Things I Learned My First Semester at College."

 Source: Her Campus | YouTube channel

"Smile," she says. "It looks good on you."
You can check out more of Hill's hilarity at her YouTube channel and Twitter profile.

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This is Auburn

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