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Top 10 Comparisons Between Auburn University and Hogwarts

You’ve read all the books, seen all the movies and joined, (those who were put in Slytherin by the sorting hat are still bitter) yet you still have not received your letter from Hogwarts. Try as you may, but Hagrid is just not going to come to your door and take you there. Don’t worry, you can still have the Hogwarts experience! Check out these 10 similarities between Auburn University and Hogwarts.

1. Harry Potter and Cam Newton

Both men considered heroes at their schools. Both men are known for their bravery, courage and their ability to beat their enemies. While some say Potter’s defeat of Voldemort was slightly more epic, we will forever know Cam’s ability to defeat Alabama in the Iron Bowl deserves the same respect.
















2. Dementors and Alabama fans

Both considered some of the foulest creatures to inhabit the world. Dementors and Alabama fans are known for causing depression and despair to anyone near them. If you have ever encountered an Alabama fan, you can witness how they too have the ability to consume a person’s soul, leaving their victims lifeless.










3. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Voldemort) and Nick Saban

Both feared and hated by the entire school. Voldemort and Saban are known for their power, evil and ability to send panic through their enemies bodies. Saban, recognized in Forbes magazine as “The Most Powerful Coach in Sports,” occupies just as much print media as Voldemort in the Daily Prophet, with such articles as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Returns.” By mentioning either name, students are instantly secluded from their peers.













5. Deathly Hallows symbol and AU symbol

While the AU symbol may not symbolize the ability for three elements to come together to create the “Master of Death,” both symbols are similar in shape. With the triangle shape of the A and the curved circular shape of the U, the AU symbol represents the Elder Wand and the Cloak of Invisibility. All we need is the Resurrection Stone!











6. Fawkes (Phoenix) and Nova (Eagle)

Birds of flight representing life, companionship and the ability to never give up. Just as Fawkes helped Harry in the defeat of the basilisk, Nova helps our Auburn Tigers in their defeat of SEC teams.








7. Knight Bus and Tiger Ten (Tiger Transit after 10pm on weekends)

Both means of transportation where the possibilities are endless. Things you wish could be unseen are guaranteed. Sleeping passengers could be present. Bus drivers are mostly elderly and drive as if the were invincible. Stranded persons will always encounter an unforgettable ride.











8. Elixir to Induce Euphoria and Toomer’s lemonade

When consumed, both create irrational happiness upon the drinker. With its sweet flavor and yellow tint, residents cannot resist the temptation. Excessive singing, possibly involving the Fight Song might occur.











9. The Leaky Cauldron and Sky Bar

Both places get crazier as potions are consumed. Common potions include “Drink of Despair,” putting the taker in extreme pain, “Dizziness Drought,” making the taker lightheaded and dizzy and “Babbling Beverage,” causing uncontrollable speaking of nonsense. Neither can be complete without love potions causing takers to become infatuated or obsessed with whoever gave them the potion.










10. Avada Kedavra and Roll Tide

Both known as unforgivable curses, which as their name implies is forever unforgivable. Whether it be internal or physical death, both causes instantaneous death to those affected. There is only one counter-spell to these curses involving using the magic of love. What exactly is the magic of love? Just turn and say “War Eagle.” Counter-spell performed.


















For all you Muggles who had no idea what this article was about, do us all a favor and consult




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