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Choosing a major is one of the most important decisions of your college career. With more than 140 degree options in 13 schools and colleges, Auburn University offers many academic paths from which to choose. Every major offered has its own unique values and skill sets that are valuable to the workforce. Based on the information provided on Auburn University's Office of Institutional Research and Assessment webpage, a list was able to be compiled about the number of degrees awarded by area of study. Though the popularity of these degrees do not necessarily reflect on the demand in the job market, these are the degrees that were most popular amongst students at Auburn University:

1. Biomedical Science

Biomedical Science held the most graduates from Auburn University by far in the Fall 2014 semester. The popularity of the biomedical science major is because it contains all the prerequisites for those who wish to continue into pharmacy school. Auburn University is, of course, home to the prestigious Harrison School of Pharmacy, so many pre-pharmacy students pursue this as their major. For those who wish to stop after their undergraduate degree, they can enter the work force as a science writer or pharmaceutical sales representative. (Right: Photo by Harrison School of Pharmacy.)

2. Mechanical Engineering 

Auburn University is well known for the prestige of its engineering school, so it's no wonder that mechanical engineering is the second most popular major. Mechanical engineering, as the name suggests, focuses on the design and operation of machinery. Auburn University offers the option to also specialize in automotive engineering or pulp and paper engineering. Mechanical engineering students are also heavily involved with the Space Power Institute and the Alabama Microelectronics Technology Center.

3. Accounting

One appeal of accounting is the broadness of the field. You are able to gain skills applicable to all areas of business. In addition to this, the accounting field is expected to grow by 22 percent by 2018. Auburn University Certified Public Accountants exam scores are 10 times higher than the national average.

4. Finance

Students can pursue jobs in corporate finance, financial markets, and investment upon graduation. Finance is also a great undergraduate degree to help prepare you for graduate work in business, law, and public administration. One benefit of pursuing a finance degree at Auburn University is the hands-on experience it offers. The TIGER Trading Lab and the Bloomberg terminal offer extra hands on training in the field and offer access to one of the largest databases in the world. 

5. Psychology

If you enjoy the study of how humans act, feel, think and learn, a degree in psychology will be right up your alley. Auburn University's Psychology Department participates in all of the university's research and outreach. Upon graduation, many work in human services areas but there is also a variety of other job opportunities, ranging from research, teaching, and consulting.

6. Supply Chain Management

Provides practical understanding of logistics and operations management. In plain English, it teaches one how to efficiently manage the flow of goods across the global marketplace. Auburn University's faculty ranked #8 globally for supply chain management research productivity. Students are able to gain experience through internships, case competitions, and analytical projects.

7. Civil Engineering

As the oldest and broadest branch of engineering, civil engineering teaches one to design and construct the facilities and systems that serve the basic needs of society, such as buildings, bridges, pipelines, highways, etc. They also play a hand in protecting the environment.

(Left: Shelby Center For Engineering Technology. Photo by Auburn University.)

8. Marketing

Marketing is broad major with endless job possibilities. It is designed to teach you the basic principles of marketing products, along with advertising, promotion, retail management, and even personal selling. Many students eventually accept managerial and executive positions with this degree. This major is for you if you are interested in business and the ideas behind selling a product.

9. Human Development and Family Studies

This major focuses on advancing knowledge about individuals and families. Auburn University's HDFS program is extremely hands on as it operates the Center for Children on campus as well as the Auburn University Marriage and Family Therapy Center. Options are endless for jobs upon graduation, though many work in human services such as preschool teaching, mental health services, or child advocacy.

10. Exercise Science

Exercise Science is a study of the effects of physical activity. Auburn University's Exercise Science Program accepts 30 students each fall and spring semester. Usually students pursue this major in order to prepare for graduate study in a professional program, such as physical therapy or medicine.  

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