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Top 3 pieces of advice for incoming freshman

 Jackson Garrett, a freshman this year at Auburn, may be considered one of the friendliest people on campus. He never goes anywhere without seeing some one he knows. He is on Auburn's Ultimate Frisbee team, a member of the Auburn Christian Student Center and is excited about sharing his love of Auburn with anyone. He gives a little insight for incoming freshman, and some helpful advice to make the transition to college a successful one.


What is your favorite part about being at college?

Stayed up way too late, realized i didn't have food, and went shopping with friends at Kroger at 4 in the morning. The freedom to make my own choices and where to put my time and effort. Also, I love how much there is to do here, there is never a dull moment in Auburn.


What advice would you give to a future incoming freshman?

A) Be friendly, no one is going to dislike you for introducing yourself, and once you have met them don't be afraid to talk to them when you see them around campus. Too often people make the mistake of meeting someone and then not talking to them when they see them again, you will never make a friendship that way.

B) Find people you can study with from your class. Study groups are a great way to learn and a great way to make friends. Learning Communitiesare a great way to do this too!

C) Find your niche around campus. There are so many things to do and so many clubs to be in that there is no reason for someone to not get involved around campus.


What are you involved with at Auburn and how did you become involved with these organizations?

Auburn Christian Student Center and Auburn Ultimate (sports up so much time).
My sister went to the ACSC and told me how much she loved the family atmosphere, so I tried it and found that it's now my second family!

I started playing ultimate my sophomore year in high school and was heavily involved, since i was the captian my junior and senior year. It was only natural to try out for the Auburn team when i came here.

Also there is an online directory for orginizations around campus, and that really helped me find out when everything is and what I would be interested in.


What has been your biggest struggle this year?

Time management. You will hear this a thousand times, but it's true. You will hear that you need to manage your time so you can study, but you also need to manage your time so you can make stronger friendships. If you don't plan activities with your friends then it gets really difficult to maintain a strong friendship. Also being in one or two clubs can help shape a good schedule for you and give you some structure.


What would you say to someone considering coming to Auburn?

Auburn is an amazing place. Auburn students don't just say its a family, they really live it. It really feels like your part of a big family here, everyone looks after each other and if you need help there will always be someone there. No matter how far away you go, when you hear someone yell "War Eagle" to you, you feel a little somtehing inside, and you know there is a connection. Blood is thicker than water, and everyone here bleeds orange and blue!


Photograph by Christopher Hendon

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