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Top 5 Relaxing Spots on Auburn University’s Campus

With less than two months left of the spring semester, things around Auburn University can get a little stressful. Don’t worry, you are going to make it through! Whether you are a senior stressing out about graduation or a freshman worrying about finals, there is a special place for you to just relax on Auburn University's campus.


5. Foy Hall

Photo Credit: Auburn University

Don’t worry I'm not leading you to the insane seating area of Panda Express, instead head upstairs to see a whole new world of Foy. This area seems to be a forgotten floor that students can use to get away from the hustle and bustle or to eat their fried rice in silence. The best time to hit up this spot is late in the afternoon or at night, you'll feel like you're the only one in the building. This area is also home to the Auburn Abroad office, so you might even find inspiration in your relaxation time to book a journey across the world!

4. Cater Hall Porch

Photo Credit: Rushabh Kothari

Who doesn't love a swing on a beautiful porch? Plus the view of the Quad is Instagram worthy. Swing away your worries and dream of past Auburn men and women passing by Cater Hall. Let your mind wander to your retirement years where you hope to relax all day with a sweet tea in your hand telling "when I was your age" stories to your grandchildren. Grab your spot before sunset to glimpse one of Auburn's spectacular shows in the sky.

3. Recreation and Wellness Center

Photo Credit: Feinknopf Company

Whether running on the treadmill or speed walking to Beyonce is your thing, any student can find something at the newly renovated Recreation and Wellness Center. While you're there you'll work it out and and soon become stressless, with maybe a few sweat drops here and there. The Recreation and Wellness Center is a popular place, so if you feel like ignoring the other souls relieving stress in the area, just pop in some headphones.

2. Zen Den

Photo Credit: Zen Den

The Zen Den just sounds like a definition for relaxation. Everyone needs to take a minute just to breathe, even Aubie! The Zen Den is located at the Student Counseling Services, and it is absolutely free to Auburn University students. Upon your arrival, the Zen Den will transport you to an island of relaxation with their state of the art massage chair and virtual breathing video games. You can also schedule therapy sessions if you just need to talk a bit. To schedule an appointment at the Zen Den, call the Student Counseling Services at (334) 844-5123.


1. Samford Hall

Grab an old blanket and a cup of Toomer's Lemonade and relax while you take in the sights of the downtown Auburn area. Soak in all that is Auburn and maybe say a War Eagle or two to passing tour groups. There’s even WiFi available on the lawn for those who can’t relax without catching up on social media. There's no question as to why this iconic Auburn building is the number one spot for relaxation. War Eagle!

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