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Top 5 Ways to Navigate Safely Though PRCM 4020: Robert's French's Style & Design Course

AUBURN, Ala. -- As many of you know, my recent postings here on Auburn Family's blog have been to fulfill a requirement for Robert French's infamous Style & Design course (Yes, I truly mean "infamous!").

     The class comes complete with a neatly bundled package including, but not limited to, a grueling amount of coursework and continual reinforcements to fuel your already slightly manic perfectionism. PLUS, you'll receive a nice helping of disappointment when you can't seem to turn in anything up to your now unreasonably high standards for yourself.

     Yes, all this can be yours for the low price of approximately $1000 for tuition and four months of mind-numbing stress. Sign up today, and you'll get a few years taken off your life from all the pressure too!

     A deal like this seem too outrageous to be true? Well, that's because it is. As with many consumers, be sure not only to read the fine print, but read into the fine lines in between them too. As for Style & Design, it turns out that a few key ingredients are left out of the deal when students begin to chatter about it.

     Yes, it's grueling. Yes, it's stressful. Yes, you'll learn more than you thought your brain could actually hold.  And no, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I'm Chelsea Roadman, and I'm a Style & Design survivor. 

Top 5 Ways to Navigate Safely Though PRCM 4020: 
Robert's French's Style & Design Course

  1. This step starts today. No, I don't mean the first day of class. I mean TODAY
    Go buy two USB flash drives. Note that I didn't say one, I specifically said two!! 
    Take my word for it, you will NOT regret this. Start learning to keep a backup of your backups.
    It's not redundant, it's wise!

  2. Welcome to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite! Learn it, love it. This is a MUST. 
    For less than $1/day, students can get access to the tools of the pros!
    My advice? Sign up here TODAY to begin familiarizing yourself with the interface.
    When Professor French assigns your first project, you won't regret getting a head start. 

  3. Are you perfectionist? Well, this class is your chance to learn to leave that behind and embrace more realistic goals. Don't believe me? Then prepare to feel like this....a lot...

  4. Enjoy -yes, I said it- ENJOY learning from a professor who proves himself to be a true gem of Auburn University's team. Professor Robert French will help you with everything from rectifying HTML mistakes to real-world connections in the workplace. Let him be your advocate and appreciate the time you have with him. It'll be over before you know it, so don't waste the opportunity to learn from the best.  

  5. Lastly, make the most of your projects! Not only will you be creating numerous portfolio pieces, but you'll also make a website to display it all. Choose what you create carefully. You want it to be something you're proud of - you're going to be spending a LOT of time on it. Choose something that you're passionate about, aligns with the work you'd like to do in the future or based on something that will extend beyond the realm of this class. I choose to create a self-branding  project. All of my creations were centered on showing my branding talents as well as creating visually appealing resume pieces. 

    Feel free to check it all out at! (Oh, and here's another tip: GO BUY YOUR DOMAIN NAME NOW! You wouldn't believe how many people had to conjure up variations because their name was already taken. I suggest using GoDaddy.) Here's my Self-Branded Resume Brochure: "Chelsea Roadman: A New Brand of PR" and my Self-Branded Thought-Leader Infographic: Chelsea Roadman's Top Tips...! Check them out and start thinking about your topics... 


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