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Top Five Things To Do At Auburn Before You Graduate

With graduation coming up in December, many people start to think about the things they are going to miss about Auburn once they leave. These five things are something every Auburn student needs to do before they graduate.

(Photo: Mary Catherine, flickr.)

1. Try Toomer's Lemonade

Toomer's Drugs opened its doors in 1896 and has been an Auburn favorite ever since. Their world-famous lemonade has the perfect combination of sweet and tangy. Make it a priority to try every flavor of lemonade that Toomer's has to offer before you graduate.

(Photo: Lindsay Mackey.)
(Photo: Lindsay Mackey.)

2. Roll Toomer's Corner

The tradition of rolling Toomer's Corner started in 1971 when Auburn celebrated the 17-16 victory over Alabama. Since you can't roll the trees this year, make a trip to Auburn in the fall of 2016, when the tradition of rolling the trees resumes.

(Photo: Lindsay Mackey.)
(Photo: Lindsay Mackey.)

3. Get a Picture with Aubie

Aubie came to life in 1979. Currently in his 37th season, he is still a favorite among all Auburn students and fans. You can find him at almost every event happening at Auburn and he never refuses a hug, high-five or picture.

(Photo: Lindsay Mackey.)
(Photo: Lindsay Mackey.)

4. Picnic on Samford Lawn

Samford Hall opened its doors in 1859 and has been an iconic symbol for Auburn University ever since. Today it serves as the university's administrative headquarters. On a sunny day, find a spot on Samford's lawn and enjoy the spirit that surrounds Auburn.

(Photo: Lindsay Mackey.)
(Photo: Lindsay Mackey.)

5. Hike at Chewacla State Park

Chewacla is a great place to take a break from your studies and enjoy the outdoors. The park offers eight hiking trails, a mountain bike trail and a tree identification trail. You can even bring your dog to play in the open field. Don't miss out on an adventurous day at this state park.

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