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Growing up in Jacksonville, Fla., Brenda Fiacco was never known or seen as a single entity. You see, she was an identical twin.

“Our entire community knew us as ‘The Fiacco Twins’, it was hardly ever our names, Brenda and Laura, as separate parts instead of a whole,” Fiacco remembers.

Can you imagine? Growing up with an identical copy of yourself, always being known as part of a pair instead of as a single person. It might be difficult for you to imagine now, but The Fiacco Twins sure knew how to handle it. Fiacco still recalls, “We did everything together. In school, involvement, hobbies. We even had the same friends.”

When the realization of choosing a university to attend for the next four years got serious, things changed for the twins. They had plans to go through the next four years together, but had different first choice schools. Their only other option was the University of Florida, and the day came when they found out that not both of them were accepted.

“It was really important for us to be together at first, but we got scholarships to different schools, and that’s just the way it worked out. It was something we had to accept,” says Fiacco. “At first, the people in our community were more upset about the fact that we’d be separated than we were. Reality hit us toward the end of the summer, we spent every waking moment together.”

Fiacco describes the beginning of school as perfectly defined as “WEIRD.” After having lived 18 years as a twin, she was starting completely over as her own person, she could be whoever she wanted to be without the influence of anyone else. Auburn University was the perfect place for that. She explains that joining a sorority was the perfect way to help her fill the void that was shaped as her identical twin, and that made everything a lot better.

“I think our separation was ultimately for the better, because me and my sister are closer than ever, we talk
more than we ever have. We visit each other, give each other gifts, we’re both very involved in and well informed of each other’s lives. In high school I didn’t pay very much attention to the details of her life and vice versa, but now we both care a lot,” Fiacco says with satisfaction.

Although they’re fine in their own worlds right now, the Fiacco sisters will have their chance to be “The Fiacco Twins” once more, as they plan on attending graduate school together at the University of Miami.

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