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Ultimate Challenge:The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering has every right to be proud. It is the largest engineering program in the state of Alabama, and the third largest program here at Auburn University based off of enrollment.


They award more than $1 million in scholarships annually, accountable for about half of the university’s $71 million in annual research and about half of the state’s engineering graduates are a product of Samuel Ginn College of Engineering as well.


There is so much more this college has to be proud of and could brag about, but that would give everything away. No doubt that these facts and statements of success do not come easy. It takes a ton of hard work and committed students to build this amazing reputation of engineering here at Auburn.


Samuel Ginn has nine departments that total to offer fifteen majors and twelve research centers. There is something offered for everyone who even has the slightest interest in pursuing engineering.


One particular student that has made the journey through engineering is Madje Kpomblekou. Madje is a senior at Auburn University majoring in industrial and systems engineering.


Madje chose industrial and systems engineering for multiple reasons. “I wanted a discipline that included a little bit of all engineering, not just one part,” Madje said.


Auburn High School is where Madje attended high school and she said they prepared her quite well, but these past few academic years have been difficult. Once you get into your major courses it’s proven to be nothing but tough.


The good news is that with this major you can get and do almost any job. Quality control, performance improvement and job effectiveness are the characteristics she has gained while studying this major.


“Career wise I can work in manufacturing, consulting and basically any industry,” Madje said.


One thing that this college has in common with the rest of the colleges and schools here at Auburn is that not all the major course or prerequisites are offered year round.


This does pose some difficulty when taking the courses. It’s vital to pass each course the first time you take them because it is highly possible that the same course will not be offered again until spring or fall semester of the following year.


Samuel Ginn College of Engineering has a new face to it as well.


“My favorite thing about Samuel Ginn engineering is the new facilities,” Madje said.


The Shelby Center for Engineering Technology is the newest building addition to the college and is currently working on it’s second phase. It’s anticipated completion date is 2012.


Engineers put in the work to keep up with our evolving technological world. Take the challenge of engineering and count yourself a proud statistic of Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s many accomplishments!



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