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Ultimately Changing Lives-What Could Be More Rewarding?

 Kimberly Paige Patterson is an assistant to the Assistant Dean of Pharmacy Health Services. She truly loves what she does and is inspired to change the world around us. Here's a little slice of insight on her work and involvement at Auburn University.

1. What all does your job entail? 

            My job acutely recently changed.  Prior to January 2011, I was the Coordinator of Pharmacy Services for Pharmacy Health Services.  I was in charge of all business aspects of running/managing three pharmacies (hiring/training staff, disciplinary actions for staff, schedule, paying invoices, processing money deposits, purchasing medications, etc).  Now I am an assistant to the Assistant Dean of Pharmacy Health Services.  Now, I help managed her schedule and use my experience to help her complete projects she is working on.  Pharmacy Health Services consists of 3 dispensing pharmacies (AU Employee Pharmacy, AU Student Pharmacy, SEIB Pharmacy), 2 pharmacy clinic’s (AUPCC Clinic and SEIB Clinic), pharmacist network (where pharmacists sign up as contractors and do health screenings for reimbursement), and a residency program. 


2. What it a typical day like for you?

            Prior to January 2011, I would mostly work out of my office.  I would visit all the pharmacies during the week.  I would oversee all business operations and delegate tasks out to my then 10 employees.  Now, I work in Auburn on 3 days a week and 2 days at Montgomery.  I spend a majority of my time managing email, scheduling meeting/presentations, helping resolve administrative issues, and helping the Assistant Dean for Health Services complete projects. 


3. How did you first get interested in this occupation?

            I started working in the AU Student Pharmacy in 1999 as a work study student as a pharmacy technician.  I graduated from Auburn in 2002 in Health Service Administration and was hired full time as the first full time pharmacy technician for the AU Student Pharmacy.  As our unit evolved to Pharmacy Health Services, I was promoted first to lead technician, then to Supervising Technician, then to Coordinator of Pharmacy Services and recently to Assistant to the Assistant Dean for Pharmacy Health Services.  I have always like healthcare and pharmacy.  I started working as a pharmacy technician when I was 16 years old.  I wanted to be a pharmacist but did not do so well in pre-pharmacy here at Auburn.  I switched my major to Health Service Administration and graduated with a Bachelors of Science.  I then in 2006 obtained my Masters in Business Administration concentrated in Health Care Management.  When I was promoted to Coordinator of Pharmacy Services, I mostly used my M.B.A. in managing the three pharmacies. 


4. What do you feel is the most beneficial/rewarding thing you get out of your job?

            I love being involved with changing what pharmacist do in the State of Alabama.  Working here at the Harrison School of Pharmacy is unbelievable.  We are doing cutting edge projects that are getting much attention from other businesses throughout the country.  We are working hard in making changes in healthcare reimbursement, improving patient outcomes, and ultimately changing lives.  What more could be more awarding than that?


5. Were there any other schools/locations other than Auburn that you wanted to work at, and if so what and/or why did you choose Auburn in the end?

            I have loved Auburn since I came here for Camp War Eagle in 1999.  There is absolutely no other university I would like to work for.  I knew that if I did not pursue a corporate job, I wanted to stay here at Auburn (specifically here at the Harrison School of Pharmacy) where the Dean is a visionary and actually acts on his visions to improve patient outcomes.  

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