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There is a constant debate if minors mean anything to employers or if they are just a waste of time while you are in school. Minors can hinder you, or they can work to your benefit. Students also seem to be focused on only getting minors that they think will be of value, like business or marketing. Other minors can say things about you and don’t have to be something that is conventional in study.


One unconventional minor to explore is psychology. Psychology helps you to understand people, and that is something that you will have to do throughout your entire life. In a job setting, a general understanding of psychology can help you to stand apart from other applicants because you have an additional knowledge set that is beneficial in any work setting. Also, when you learn about others, you are able to learn about yourself at the same time. There are many different areas of psychology to study and nearly all of them are beneficial in the professional world.

Another alternative minor is art history. This is an area of study that many may not be interested in on a surface level. The word history can send students running, but art history has benefit for those who take interest in the field. Art history students learn how to see things in a different way and are familiar with composition and aesthetic. This is a skill that is transferrable in fields such as marketing and advertising. Art history can teach students to see things from a different perspective, which can be valuable in the work setting. Art history allows students to have an understanding of art without actually having to make art.

Basically, any minor can be beneficial depending on how you use it. If you have an interest that is completely different from your major, don’t be afraid to pursue it. Often times, if you are interested in the material, you are more likely to do well in the classes and it will give you an advantage in your future endeavors. If anything, a minor can show that you are able to juggle the demands of your major and the demands of a different area of study.

art history


While conventional minors make sense, unconventional minors have benefit too. If there’s an area you of study you are interested in, take the time to explore it. Nearly every major has elective hours, and if you find a particular study you are interested in you can turn it into a minor.

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