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As 78,000 fans gathered to celebrate the BCS National Championship in Auburn, the Auburn family got a great visual of the support the team felt through out the season.  A great turn out indicating truly how the Auburn family was “All In”.


It was a great sight to see such numbers celebrate in Auburn. This was no rare occurrence for Auburn Cheerleader Kali Tucker who has seen continued great support from Auburn fans through out the year. Kali, along with the cheerleading squad, has seen fans showing excitement all season long. Kali was encouraged to see how proud each person was to be a part of the Auburn family and is one of the many things that make Auburn so unique. 


From hundreds of fans at the airport as the team leaves and returns, to fans rolling down there windows and violently shaking there shakers to scream “War Eagle!” to the passing fans, it is obvious that Auburn family was “All In” this season.  


The Auburn family is what makes Auburn stand out from other schools. Kali traveled with the team to many away games and would experience many opposing team fans being rude, throwing things and yelling profanity at the squad. It is sad to be in such a hostile environment but makes you appreciate your team all the more as you know Auburn fans are much more classy than to ever harass people to such an extent.


The BCS Celebration this weekend was such a true example of the fans through out the season and a great way to end a season that still doesn’t even feel real at times. In a year full of great memories and moments Auburn fans will always remember the games of the 2010 season, but for Kali she will remember not only the games but she will remember the fans and the family that showed the Auburn spirit. Kali is graduating this year and has been with the squad working hard for the last three years dedicated to Auburn. 


Kali has seen the Auburn family truly make a difference and how there is no other school in the nation that rivals the Auburn spirit. Former Auburn Athletic Director David Housel spoke proudly of the Auburn spirit during the BCS Celebration. Kali and many fans understand exactly what he meant when he said,


"Those who saw it, those who experienced it will never forget it. Throughout the season you reminded us again and again the strength and power and resolve that resides deep within each of us, deep within our hearts and souls. As you call forth those spiritual qualities, we too can call them forth in the challenges we face. That is no small lesson, gentlemen, no small reminder and we thank you for it. That spirit, that attitude is called many things. For us it is simply called the Auburn Spirit. All of us want to be a part of something bigger than we are. For those of us here today, that something is Auburn." - David Housel

Kali, along with many of us, still can’t believe that Auburn is the BCS National Champion but what came of no surprise are the Auburn fans. We have shown through out the season what it is to be Auburn men and women and will continue to do so. Thank you to all the efforts of the cheerleaders and the role they played in creating a family atmosphere and the loudest fans in the country along with all the work they do behind the scenes in preparation for the games. 

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