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Molly Welch Update: Her Recovery Continues and Molly Needs Your Encouragement

By Robert French, Auburn Family

Paul Welch loves his big sister.  He says it proudly in the IndieGogo campaign Paul launched to help Molly during her physical therapy and recovery from brain and spinal cord injuries.  (Photo right, Molly in physical therapy.)

We want to help. So, we're sharing Molly's story and Paul's campaign with you today.

Molly Welch graduated from Auburn University in December of 2011 after an automobile accident in 2008. She is a beloved alumna of the School of Communication and Journalism. 

Molly's Story

How You Can Help

Molly Welch planned to graduate in December 2008, a semester earlier than the traditional four-year plan. However, that February, Welch's life changed forever. Welch had just finished eating lunch with her parents and was driving on Interstate 85. One exit away from Auburn University, Welch crossed the interstate median and hit a pick-up truck head on. Welch believes she fainted, which she had done twice before as an Auburn student. She doesn't remember the accident or several months prior.

Welch sustained brain damage to the left side, which therefore affected the right side of her body and caused spinal damage. Welch has had to relearn to talk, walk, eat and do everyday tasks. The journalism major even had to relearn to write, now with her left hand.

Source:  Dec. 12, 2011 Take Five article by Auburn University.

Many people have been helping along the way.  The Auburn Plainsman, where Molly reported during her time in college, shared stories.  Here's an excerpt from one that ran two years ago.

The journalism faculty have done a lot to help Molly graduate as she deals with the disabilities caused by her accident.

“I remember she did practicum in the summer of 2010, and she just insisted on going,” said journalism professor John Carvalho. “Her mother would park and she’d get there early enough to walk, even though it took her an hour to walk from the parking lot. She’d walk slowly, and we’d talk and everything. It’s been a long road for her.”

Source:The Auburn Plainsman - Brick Oven gives part of profits to student

Today, Molly's brother Paul shares the reality of Molly's situation.

The saying "bad things happen to good people" is cliche, but couldn't fit this situation more. Molly is a beacon of a fighting spirit and true courage, something the world needs much more of. Her recovery has flatlined as of late and she is starting to get discouraged. What a better way to restore hope and show the propensity for good in humankind.  Source: Help Molly Walk Again

As you can see, Molly needs our help.  She's Auburn. She's Family.  Let's do it.  You may donate by clicking the image to the right or following this link - Help Molly Walk Again.

Molly participates in many physical therapy sessions at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.  One she's been attending is called Beyond Therapy.  That program alone costs $90 to $100 an hour.  We can only imagine all the other expenses Molly faces and healthcare insurance likely can't cover it all.

So, if you feel moved to help, please support Molly and give from your heart.

Let's Help Molly Walk Again

Paul has created some cool perks for you, too.  Here they are. For each contribution level listed below, you will receive the associated perk.  Anything helps.  Each gift will make Molly smile and we love it when Molly smiles.  War Eagle!

By the way, you should read the War Eagle Reader article about Molly, too.

  • $1USD
    Every bit helps - A smile

    Even something small will bring a smile to our face, and to yours, knowing your are helping someone achieve their dream.

  • $5USD
    A prayer/positive thought

    I am an ordained minister and will provide prayer requests/positive thoughts. Peace of mind

  • $15USD
    Thank you ECard

    A personal thank you E-Card from Molly and the family. A smile on mollys face

  • $30USD
    Personal Letter

    A thank you letter from Molly!!

  • $50USD
    Video Thanks

    A video thank you from Molly and Family!

  • $100USD
    Skype with Molly

    To see how your money is helping her progress!!

  • $250USD
    IT Work

    Computer problems? Ill come to your house and fix em. Live in alpharetta? Ill provide 5 personal training sessions.

  • $500USD
    IT Work Plus

    Need a simple website? Simple app? Ill build one for you. Live in alpharetta? Ill provide 10 personal training sessions.

  • $1,000USD
    Everything above

    Everything included above, plus a surprise.

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