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Project Uplift is an agency that brings Auburn students and Lee County youth together, so that these children can learn to live happy lives and the delinquency rate in Lee County can decrease.

This is one of many ways to get involved on campus and an organization that Katherine White-Spunner and Katelyn Courtney seemed very interested in their junior year. White-Spunner and Courtney had several friends that were involved with Project Uplift. After they saw them interacting with their “little brothers and little sisters,” they instantly knew they wanted to be a part of the program.
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So, they took the challenge and became “big sisters” of Project Uplift.

White-Spunner and Courtney went through an orientation program, application process and interviews before they were selected to become members of Project Uplift. Once they were finally accepted, the process of receiving their “little sister” began.

They were placed with a sweet 8-year-old little girl named Tianna in October of 2011. Tianna is now nine and is in the third grade. Tianna lives in Auburn with her father and she is very energetic and full of life. “She loves the outdoors. She is very artistic and absolutely loves to sing and dance. She often puts on singing performances for us,” said White-Spunner.

Since October of 2011, they pick Tianna up from her house at least once a week and they are with her for three to four hours at a time. “I always look forward to picking Tianna up and hanging out with her on Monday afternoons,” said Courtney.

There are many different activities that White-Spunner and Courtney do with Tianna. Some of these activities include walking around the park, bowling, doing art projects, playing on the playground, going on walks or going to the public library.

Project Uplift will plan events for the children and their mentors. Some of these events include bowling parties and holiday themed parties.

“Last year for Halloween, Project uplift had a trunk of treating function. The children dressed in their Halloween costumes and walked around to people in cars who would pass out candy. Tianna loved it,” Courtney said.

“It has been a blessing watching Tianna grow over the past year. She will meet many people in her lifetime, but we hope that the bond we are making with her will be one that she will remember her whole life. We just hope to make a positive impact on her life and encourage and empower her to be who she is meant to be,” White-Spunner said.

Project Uplift is a great way to get involved on campus and a wonderful way to make a difference in the life of a child.

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