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Victory Waits on YOUR Fingers -- Vote for Aubie in the Capital One Mascot Challenge

The Auburn Family, like any family, can have its feuds, disagreements, misunderstandings and divergences. However, we all know that one member who we can never see fault in. He’s our crazy, entertaining, unpredictable cousin. He loves the family and every member in it. 

He loves his pranks and his crazy costumes. Aubie the Tiger will always be the member who can reunite the members of the Auburn Family. For this reason, and this reason alone he is deserving of the title of the Capital One Mascot of the Year.

Aubie has been selected on six occasions as a member of the Capital One All-American Mascot team however; he has never taken the overall award home himself. Once again, this year Aubie was selected as part of the challenge and it should be the goal of the Auburn Family near and far to vote him all the way to the top.

Just in case the overwhelming love that we all feel for Aubie isn’t enough to push you to vote, here are 10 reasons why our mascot deserves to e recognized as the Mascot of the Year:

Why Vote Aubie Mascot of the Year?

10) He’s a master of disguise.
Have you seen his wardrobe? Aubie is the essence of style and the personification of grace. Whether he needs to fight crime, put on a magic show, or propose to an unsuspecting Auburn woman he is always prepared with the most dapper dress. Who wouldn’t be impressed by that?

9) He likes to party.
Aubie will party in the middle of the road, in the most crowded part of the concourse and always in our beloved Jordan-Hare. He brings his posse, his music and the party with him wherever he goes.

8) He makes his rounds on the philanthropic circuit.
Aubie can be found at many philanthropic events around Auburn. He participates in the NROTC Mud Run, shows up for any sorority walk or run where he’s requested, and even grabbed some barbeque this Summer at Sigma Phi Lambda’s event benefiting the American Diabetes Association. He may make a spectacle of himself and those who interact with him, but if you have Aubie, they will come.

7) He gives us sunshine on the cloudy days.
Aubie can make anyone smile. Auburn students love to see Aubie on the concourse on any given day—especially during finals. He just has a way of brightening the darkest of times.

6) He’s a marvelous dancer.
….especially when they play his jam. (video courtesy of the Auburn University YouTube account)

5) He’s everyone’s best friend.
No matter how new or old you are in your residency as a member of the Auburn family, Aubie is there for you. If you’ve been a fan since birth or you crossed over from the dark side, you can always count on our tiger to make you feel at home.

4) Men want to be him.

3) Children adore him.

2) Women love him.

1) He is the epitome of school spirit.
Win or lose, Aubie IS school spirit. He makes the losses bearable and the wins fantastic. Aubie is the representation of the Auburn Family’s overwhelming and unending love for Auburn University.

Convincing enough? The Capital One Mascot Bowl is in week nine of 12 in regular season voting. Aubie is in second place, but let’s move him to the top.

Voting can be done on by selecting your mascot, logging in via Facebook and clicking “Vote Now.”

Capital One offers other voting opportunities via Facebook and Twitter to earn more points by using your mascot’s hashtag—Aubie’s is #CapitalOneAubie.

Let’s let the nation know how great he is and how much we love our Aubie! Vote today!

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