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War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen Transition into New Season

Every spring, a handful of select students is chosen to serve Auburn as representatives of the university through the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen organization.

The War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen, commonly referred to as WEGP, is a service group consisting of 25 members: 12 men and 12 women, along with Miss Auburn, who participates as an honorary member of the group. WEGP works directly under the Office of the President and with the Auburn Athletic Department and Auburn Alumni Association.

This February marked the end of the 2012-2013 term, and new WEGP members were announced on March 1 in front of Samford Hall. The members had to participate in two professional interview sessions during which they were asked about information regarding campus information and school history, as well as questions that could gauge their communication skills.

Ragan Cox, a senior in supply chain management and an outgoing War Eagle Girl, explained that the application process for becoming a WEGP member is unique compared to the processes of other organizations on campus.

“There’s no specific application involved, so no prior campus experience or involvement is required to become a member,” Cox said. “Also, the interviews are very professional and you’re not with other students, just faculty and staff, so you really need to have your facts together to make a good impression.”

From hosting dinners at the president’s mansion to talking with Auburn visitors at home football games, WEGP members have many responsibilities and have to be committed to their positions. This requirement was no problem for Cox, who enjoyed the emphasis that the organization placed on serving the university.

“My very favorite part of the job is the service I get to give to Auburn,” Cox said. “It’s different from any other organization I’ve been a part of...and it’s a lot of fun to see visitors be so impressed with Auburn students.”

During her time as a War Eagle Girl, Cox was able to develop close relationships with the other WEGP members, in part due to the amount of interaction they had hosting Auburn events together.

“I’ve loved being able to spend time with the other members of the group and creating friendships with them,” she explained. “We go on trips together and to away football games and it’s good bonding time for all of us.”

War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen are also frequently seen giving tours around campus and attending other significant events held at the university. Regardless of the task at hand, WEGP members uphold the ideals of Auburn men and women and represent Auburn students and the university in a positive light.

To meet the new War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen or to find out more about the organization, visit

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