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It is not every day that thousands of high school students and their parents can be seen on Auburn University’s campus. However, the majority of students understand exactly what is going on, and many of them can remember being in their shoes not too long ago. Deciding what college to attend can be difficult and overwhelming.

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“I was looking at a lot of different colleges before I made my decision ,and there were a lot of factors to consider,” said Preston Jenks, Auburn University student. “I was looking for a school strong in academics, but I was also looking for a place I could call home.”

Going to college for the next four years of one’s life is a big time commitment, and taking this first step into adulthood can be challenging. However, Auburn University works with students to make this decision easier. Auburn not only invites all prospective students to visit campus, but also holds a prestigious event four times a year. They are known as War Eagle Days, and they are appropriately named after the battle cry that can always be heard around campus.

War Eagle Days is an invitation-only event that is filled with numerous opportunities for prospective students to see what Auburn University is all about. These preview days are for high school juniors and seniors, and they allow these students to not only visit campus, but also learn about what Auburn has to offer. They learn about the various programs they can become involved in, as well as scholarships and the admissions process.

“Most of these students have been invited based on their test scores, either ACT or SAT,” said Cindy Singley, Director of University Recruitment. “They have already received some level of academic achievement and should be admissible to Auburn as an Auburn University student.”

War Eagle Days also gives these students the chance to go on student-guided tours. This allows them to interact with current students, faculty and staff while experiencing what student-life is all about.

“I have really enjoyed War Eagle Day because it has been extremely informative and has given us the chance to experience what being a student would be like,” said Jennifer Hennely, high school student form Deluth, Georgia.

Deciding what college to attend is not an easy task, but War Eagle Days gives students first-hand experience to what calling Auburn a home away from home is like. Auburn University is home to thousands of students world-wide, yet prides itself on being a family. It is a school that values academics, tradition and spirit, and there is no doubt that thousands of students will soon be joining the Auburn family and say, “We believe in Auburn and love it.”

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