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     For some students college is all about having fun and making friends. For others that's simply not enough.
      Courtni Ward is a student who has sought more from her college experience. Since being a student at

Auburn, Ward has seen her passion for helping world hunger grow and it was through this

passion that she helped lay the foundations for an organization that helps fight the current hunger crisis.
     This campaign on hunger is lead by a group called the Committee of 19 which derives its name from the cost of feeding a child in a developing third world country. The group is composed of

representatives, like Ward, from each college and organization on campus. The members focus on creating

awareness about hunger and providing outlets for students to do their part in fighting hunger in the surrounding

community. The group also has opportunities to connect with other universities and to share ideas. This year

Ward and a few of her fellow representatives were given the distinct privilege to represent Auburn at the 6th

annual Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit which was held in Canada.
      Locally each year, the Committee of 19 puts on an event called the Hunger March. This is a time each year where students are educated and provided outlets in which they can serve and fight hunger. This

   year the event took place on April 1 and began with a 15 mile walk to Notasulga. Once participants arrived, they were given information that would help them with the following day of outreach

and service that would take place in the Notasulga community. Saturday was focused on construction projects,

food pantry and any form of outreach that was needed. A dinner was held Saturday

night that allowed the volunteers to mix and mingle with residents of Notasulga and to educate each person on

what they each can do to fight hunger.
      The volunteers began their trek back to Auburn on Sunday morning thus completing the 3rd annual Hunger March.
      Ward, like others, pours herself into planning this event every year. She hopes that the event will gain

recognition and grow in participation with each year it takes place. Ward has a passion for

fighting hunger and used this as her platform in her most recent campaign for Miss Auburn. Her dedication to

the cause has created an awareness around Auburn and she is happy to have an

organization like the Committee of 19 that is just as passionate and dedicated as she is.

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