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Wayback Wednesday: Dedication of Jordan-Hare to Today's New Video Screen

It was 42 years ago.

In 1973, then Governor George Wallace dedicated Auburn's Cliff Hare Stadium as it was renamed Jordan-Hare Stadium. In the video below, Michael Sullivan of War Eagle Productions shares a "360 Degree Stadium with Dedication."

Now, consider the upgrades that have happened to the stadium culminating with the pending unveiling of the new giant video screen.

The War Eagle Reader shared this view of the back side of the video screen soon to dominate Jordan-Hare's south endzone. The photo is credited to @WEdesignsAU, although we can't find an account that fits that screen name. If you have one, please share a link and we'll add it.

360 Degree Stadium with Dedication from Michael Sullivan on Vimeo.

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