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Happy Finals Week to All!

It's that time of the year again- finals week rears is ugly head and all the work you have done throughout the entire semester comes down to one exam or project that will make or break you.  For everyone on 1.99 percent brink of making a letter grade, you're not alone and you've got the whole Auburn Family rooting you, myself included.  

I am willing to bet more than half of you reading this have shared the iconic article on your Facebook page, ranking Auburn no. 11 on the "Top 100 Colleges with the Hardest Final Exams."  At least we can say that we're all going through it together as the Auburn Family.     

The Dreaded 18-hour Schedule

For me, final grades are coming down to six semester-long projects and one comprehensive exam.  I am a terrible test taker, so I'll happily take my situation over a week of non-stop test taking any day; however, I can confidently say I have never been so swamped with to-do lists in my life.  Given my current stress level and rising cholesterol levels thanks to my finals diet, I want nothing more than to play the victim and weep to all my friends about all my woes. But begrudgingly, I must admit that this semester has done more for me than any other has or ever will.  

Last semester in Auburn's personal version of the Hunger Games that we call "class registration," I managed to enroll myself in a full course load, complete with all the work-heavy capstone courses for my major. I had no clue what I was in for.  Balancing a full schedule, two jobs, a leadership position in my sorority, and a plethora of other involvement and leadership responsibilities was an overwhelming task. I know I'm not the first or only one to do it, but I certainly never thought I would be the one doing it.  

A semester of countless all-nighters later, I have learned the immense value of hard work.  As the Creed says, "I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work."  

Never has the creed resonated with me more than this semester.

"I believe in work, hard work"
I can confidently say that I worked harder in one course this semester than ever before.  Watching my hard work pay off was the biggest reward I have ever experienced and the I pride feel is unmatchable.   

"I can count only on what I earn"
I've worked my butt off for grades and gotten the results I wanted, and I've let assignments slip through the cracks and faced the repercussions as final grades roll in; the former is certainly more rewarding.        

'So let the stress of finals make you better not bitter.  Ultimately, we are all here for one reason, to learn, and no one can do that for us better than Auburn University.  

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