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What You Didn't Know About the Tiger Eyes

With auditions right around the corner, the Auburn University Tiger Eyes are gearing up for another season full of sequins, pom poms and Auburn Football. Many do not know that the The Auburn Tiger Eyes are an auxiliary group that is part of the Auburn University Marching Band (AUMB).

The Tiger Eyes are comprised of the Danceline, Flagline and Majorettes, each holding an individual set of skills that bring something different to the band’s overall performance. The three lines perform at every home football game during pregame festivities and halftime, as well as multiple away games and all championship football games.  On top of football games, the Tiger Eyes make many appearances alongside the marching band throughout the fall.

The Majorettes, Danceline and Flag Line each attend every band practice throughout the fall, plus an addition practice solely for Tiger Eyes each week. On top of regular season practice, the girls attend a three day camp in June and a preseason camp in August to begin preparing for pep-routines, stand cheers and routines to be performed on Pat-Dye Field the coming fall.

Both during practice and outside of it, the Tiger Eyes live by high standards and excel as students. With an average GPA of 3.2, you can find them studying things from Animal Science Production to Fashion Design and doing extracurricular activities like Greek Sing Chair to being Miss Northeast Alabama.

The Tiger Eyes also enjoy reaching out to the community through their Tiger Eyes Sequin School. During the spring the Tiger Eyes host majorette, dance and flag line classes for girls of all ages. The classes are taught by current members of the lines and each sequin school is unique -- never teaching the same routine more than once. At the end of each class, there is a performance open to friends and families of participants.

“I love helping out with Sequin School,” Mary Allison Thrasher, upcoming senior on danceline, said. “It’s so rewarding to help and encourage young girls to keep following their passions.”

Tiger Eye alumni have gone on to fulfill many different careers, but many find a way to keep dancing, twirling or spinning. The Tiger Eye coaches are a prime example of this; head Tiger Eyes coordinator, Kristina Cammack, and Majorette and Dance coach, Megan Schaffner, have both been a part of one of the lines. With their passion for performing and the Tiger Eyes group as a whole, they are able to give the help and advice that is unlike any other.

Auditions begin Friday night.  Hundreds of girls are preparing to bring their very best. Tiger Eye tryouts consist of many vigorous components that ensure the best makeup for each line. Each contestant is required to perform a solo to a song of her choosing in front of the judges, Tiger Eye and AUMB staff, and an open audience.

On top of a solo performance, each participant is required to perform a series of technical skills that coincide with one of the three lines, as well as learn a one minute routine in a short 45 minute slot to then turn around and perform for the judges.

Lastly, the Tiger Eye hopefuls are required to demonstrate a series of marching fundamentals that confirms they have an understanding for the basics of marching and rhythm. The tryout process is known to be difficult because of its call for both performance and memory skills, but because of that the best people are chosen for the team each year.

As tryouts are quickly approaching, graduating seniors begin to look back and reflect on their time with the AUMB and the Tiger Eyes.

“The AUMB and Tiger Eyes have given me so much throughout my years in college,” Carley McCune, co-captain of the flag line said. “It’s sad seeing this chapter of my life come to end, but I can’t wait to see what great things the Tiger Eyes will do in the future.”

Tiger Eye auditions will begin this Friday in the Student Act and continue through Saturday. The majority of auditions are closed to the public but the solo performances are open, with tickets just $5. Majorette solos will begin at 7:15 p.m. on Friday, with danceline solos following the next morning at 12:30 p.m. and flag line at 1:45 p.m. Final results will be posted on the doors of Goodwin Hall after the conclusion of flag line auditions.

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