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What You're Thinking When Choosing a Restaurant in Auburn

What I eat for dinner can make or break my mood on any given night.  I have probably put more thought into my nightly meals than I have put thought into what I'm going to do after graduation.  The great thing about living in Auburn is that there are tons of places to eat all over town, no matter what mood you're in. Here, I've given an example of what was going through my head when I've visited some of Auburn's most popular eateries through the years.

Veggies-to-Go: "I'm homesick. I haven't been back to visit in a while and I'm really missing Mama's homemade country fried chicken. I'll head to the grocery store and grab the ingredients. Wait. How do you fry something? I don't even know how to use a stove eye. Hm. I'll add this to my 'Things to Learn Before I Graduate" list. Next best thing? Stopping into Veggies-to-Go. I'm going to order country-fried everything. With a side of cornbread."

Toomer's Drugs: "I'm all-Auburn all-in ALL THE TIME. I want everyone to know I attend the greatest school in the SEC, and nothing screams 'I believe in Auburn and LOVE it' quite like paying $4 for a cup of lemonade. And I can't leave this place without a cute souvenir. Let's see here-- should I purchase the Auburn-themed pillow cases? Toilet plunger? Blender? Woops, almost forgot to Instagram my lemonade! How will people know I love Auburn if I don't post this for all to see? #wareagle #blessed" 

Amsterdam's: (One of two scenarios, of course.)
Scenario #1: "I can't remember the last time I went to a restaurant where I had to put on make-up to look the part. This guy must really like me. Here we are on our third date, and he takes me to the mother of all date-restaurants. I feel like a queen. Too bad I can't order the steak, or I'll look like a cow. There's no way he won't judge me. Oh well, this salad looks delicious, too."
Scenerio #2: "Thank God it's Parent's Weekend. I have eaten nothing but Mcdonalds' Dollar Menu and Lean Cuisines for weeks. I haven't had Tiger Card money since before mid-semester. The price I pay for ordering a $6 coffee every day. Oh well. Since Mom and Dad are here, I get to eat like royalty! I almost forgot what steak tasted like. I wish my parents would come every weekend so I can always eat like this…okay that's a lie but still, this steak is fantastic."
Terrell Hall: "It's past midnight and I am dying for a snack. I've been studying for my History 1010 test for 12 hours now and I need a BREAK. Let's see here. I'll check my Auburn App to see if Terrell is open, since it's right outside my room. Great, it's open! I'll ask my suite-mate to come with me. I can go get a snack and then it's back to the grind. Four more chapters to go, and my roommate is snoring up a storm 10 feet away from me. Freshman year is so hard..."

Au Bon Pain: "Summer is in 5 weeks! It is time to trim down. I'm going to be spending all summer livin' it up at the Creekside pool and I want to look my absolute best in my new Victoria's Secret swimsuit. This means Butts and Guts at the rec everyday until May. Not to mention I'll be eating vegetable soup and chef's salads from ABP for the rest of the semester. Good thing I can always find a seat in here. Oh, wait…"

Gigi's Cupcakes: "This Midnight Magic cupcake is a gift from bakery heaven. What's a beach bod?"

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