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Auburn Triathletes: Promoting Physical Wellness One Day At A Time

While many students slack off on their fitness regimen during their college years, one club at Auburn has the drive to take fitness to a whole new level.

The Auburn Triathletes do the complete opposite of slacking off, especially when it comes to fitness. The next triathlon that many of the members are competing in, the Rev 3 Anderson in South Carolina, is no joke.

1500 meters of swimming, a 25 mile bike ride and 6.2 mile run classifies this triathlon as an Olympic distance. However, for those who can’t run Olympic distances yet, fear not.

“We welcome everyone of all fitness levels and of all backgrounds in sports,” President of the Auburn Triathletes, Basia Bartczak said. “It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done a triathlon, we just want to foster overall physical wellness.”

With up to 12 practices a week and members of all different skill levels at practices, the club creates a flexible and team driven experience for its members.

“There are people who will give you tips throughout the workout,” Bartczak said. “We’re all helping each other together.”

Looking at the typical practice schedule of a triathlete, one would probably assume that the hard part of competing in triathlons was the physical challenge. However, Bartczak believes that the most challenging part of being a triathlete is not the busy schedule or the physical challenges; it’s getting over the perfectionist mindset.

“Triathlons aren’t about being a perfectionist,” Bartczak said. “It’s about enjoying it, and being a well-rounded athlete that has the perseverance to do three disciplines back to back.”

Practices aren’t an obligation for members of the Auburn Triathlete Club, but it is a resource that is there for members to utilize. With the help of coaches, tips from experienced triathletes, camaraderie and a few after-practice traditions, the club makes practice both helpful and fun.

“Every Wednesday night after swim practice, we go to Little Italy and eat. It’s just kind of the regular social thing that we do that everyone can count on every week.”

Little Italy is one of the club’s sponsors, along with others such as Kiwami and Big Dog.

Running, swimming and biking aren’t the only things that the Auburn Triathletes are taking by storm. The club is also working off the field and taking the time to plan fundraisers in the Auburn area.

These fundraisers are hopefully going to be the fuel that gets Auburn’s triathletes to the national level this year.

In the Spring, select triathletes will be traveling all the way to California to compete in nationals. In order to begin raising money for the trip to California, the club will be hosting its first fundraiser at Chill from 4:20-11 p.m. on September 14.

In addition to that, Auburn Triathletes are organizing an alumni group for any Auburn alumnus who competes or has competed in triathlons. The group is designed for alumni to share their experiences with each other and with the student members of the club. For more information on this alumni group, send a message to

Whether the Auburn Triathletes are fundraising, practicing or organizing an alumni group for the Auburn community, this club is on campus and promoting physical wellness one day at a time.

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Comment by Elizabeth Segarra on September 8, 2012 at 12:14pm

This makes me want to exercise! What a great article!

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